Columbus Circle Weekend Cleaner

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Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  We Specialize in Saving Time!℠


A Little About Columbus Circle, Manhattan

As a neighborhood, Columbus Circle is evenly split between the broader Upper West Side and Midtown in general, but because it’s also one of the new favorite abodes of international billionaires, everyone knows where it is no matter the geographical boundaries!  Indeed, its location at the southwest corner of Central Park makes the area a landmark for tourists and locals alike, the perfect geographical reference points for meetings and even rallies, such as the infamous one organized by a mobster ironically named Colombo to protest prejudice — where he got shot by rival gangsters!

Obviously, the area’s come a long way since then.  As previously mentioned, it’s most notable nowadays for being one of the few preferred residences of global One-Percenters when in town, thanks in no small part to local high-rises like the Time Warner Center and Trump International Hotel and Tower with their eight-digit apartments.  Another reason for the popularity of Columbus Circle as a destination must surely be because of its role as a mass transit hub, what with various bus and subway lines available within a stone’s throw of each other, leading to points north, south, east, and west…as befits a neighborhood named after its traffic circle. :-)