Unhappy with Voytek’s Cleaning Services?

Unhappy with Voytek Cleaning Services?  Well, of course you are — they’re just copycats, people who used to work for us!

Voytek, which also bills itself as Voytek’s Polish Ladies, was founded by some of our former employees hoping to cash in themselves on our winning formula.  But they failed to consider the most important part of our success: our generosity.

Generosity towards our customers, and generosity towards our workers.  There’s no business like us this side of a workers’ cooperative!  Yes we have to make a profit — but we are not greedy.  New hires have to prove themselves and start out working for very modest wages, but once proven — and it may not take long at all, if they’re truly good (our company record is held by someone who earned a raise to $20/hr. within less than six months!) — we treasure them like gold…just like we value our customers like gold!

There is no cleaning business without good customers, but no good customers without good workers…and no good workers without no good customers — and no good workers without a good cleaning business backing them up, paying them a living wage!  Even those new hires just mentioned make 25% above minimum wage, and make over 95% of the New York City Council’s own official living wage figure after their probationary initial month.  In just one year, they will most likely go up practically 85% above what they had started out with if they’re only up to our usual standards of housekeeping excellence (and not amaze us with any cleaning skills and people skills more extraordinary than what we’ve seen in almost two decades in business).  That’s worker-friendliness practically unheard of this side of a union shop!

But that’s just how we like to do business here at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  And that’s the reason why our impersonators over at Voytek just can’t make the cut — because we’re the original Polish maid service of New York City and Long Island, family-owned and operated since 1996.  We clean for churches, government offices, retail operations, grand estates, you name it.  With such breadth of experience, why would you take a chance with anyone else?

Don’t do it!  A quality job depends on quality people.  And we’ve been New York’s Hometown Maids℠ for almost twenty years, Gotham’s very own got-to go-to for all cleaning related matters.  We specialize at providing the quality you want for the savings you need!  Contact us now and we’ll get you set up for premier housekeeping in the traditional European style: no one else offers our unbeatable combination of quality, savings, and free value-added services, professional courtesies that’s included with each and every session with us!  It’s just our way of saying, thanks for choosing Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  Putting the Polish on Polish!℠