Traditional Broadway Charwoman

Broadway is one of the oldest thoroughfares in Gotham, so its businesses and residences really appreciate our traditional charwoman services — at affordable prices!

That means quality and savings for Broadway addresses from the local value leader in the industry: Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, eighteen years in business serving New York City and Long Island.  Our cleaning women are well-qualified professionals who are truly dedicated to making your place of work or residence its very sanitary, organized, and presentable best!

Yes, it’s hard to believe that anyone cares anymore, but for us this is really more than just a job.  As a small family-run business, we naturally take a deeply personal interest in the complete satisfaction of each and every customer.  In an industry dominated by faceless franchises and anonymous mega-corporations, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to remain true to its humble roots as a small business that provides the truly personal touch!  And we do so at amazingly competitive rates, making premium housekeeping accessible to all.

The affordable hard-working charwomen of yesteryear live on in our capable maids.  Let us show you How Housekeeping Is Supposed to Be;℠ contact us today and get professional cleaning tomorrow!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  “The Better Maid Service.”℠


A Little About Broadway, New York

There’s a Broadway in just about every borough of the city (and there’re even separate East and West Broadways in the city, and North and South Broadways where the thoroughfare continues on outside the city), but what most anyone, locals and out-of-towners alike (especially the latter), understands by the name is the famous one in Manhattan…and in particular that stretch between 42nd and 53rd Streets, memorialized in popular culture as “The Great White Way” — as well as the section from Bowling Green to City Hall Park called “The Canyon of Heroes.”  That’s right: Broadway is known for two great spectacles; it’s certainly big enough, whatever measure is used!

And to think that it all started as a Native trail, snaking through brush and swamp.  The Dutch quickly made this the main road for their new colony on the island, and today Broadway runs basically the entire length of Manhattan, from the Financial District in the south to Inwood up north, extending into the Bronx and well out of the city to Upstate New York as US Route 9.  It used to run two-way the entire length, but it’s been strictly one-way downtown south of Columbus Circle since the postwar years to better ease Manhattan’s increased traffic flow.  And just a few years ago, whole block-long sections have been entirely closed to motorized vehicles, namely the portions passing through Times Square, Herald Square, and Duffy Square, as a part of new urban planning policies emphasizing pedestrian and bicyclist rights.

Good thing, too, as Broadway’s got tremendous history and it would be hard to take it all in from inside a car or bus, whereas the pedestrian and cyclist may stop at leisure and ponder the significance of any number of points of interest.  And, speaking of modes of transportation, many mass transit options are available along most of Broadway’s fifteen-mile run through Gotham, making this main artery a virtual polestar for locals and tourists alike!