Gerritsen Beach Thorough Cleaning

Gerritsen Beach is as middle-class as it gets in the Big Apple, and Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to offer expert housekeeping at affordable prices for area residents and businesses!

We’re family-owned and operated, which means we really know the value of a dollar and totally understand where you’re coming from when you want both quality and savings.  In fact, we’re the local value leader when it comes to cleaning services for New York City and Long Island: eighteen years and counting!

And only Polish Ladies Cleaning Service offers a genuine personal touch, the kind that no faceless franchise or anonymous mega-corporation ever could.  We “get” you because we’re fellow New Yorkers, oftentimes your very neighbors, literally, sharing the same concerns you do in these economically challenging times.  Our capable maids are the most thorough in the business, attending to detail and taking care of your precious belongings, gently cleaning your property to ensure its most sanitary, organized, and presentable best!

Choose us and get the most affordable cleaning women this side of the middle-class divide.  Our good people are expert professionals who work for very modest wages, which is why Catholic churches, convents, and rectories hire us for regular cleaning!  We also proudly count governmental agencies such as the NYPD and the MTA among our long-time institutional clients.  You can get the same dedication for your home or business at low discount prices: write us now and let us show you how!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  This Is How Affordable Clean Can Be!℠


A Little About Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn

Gerritsen Beach is a generally quiet, even sleepy neighborhood in southeast Brooklyn.  It would be a kind of bedroom community to Gotham if it weren’t for the fact that many residents make their living just fine well within just a few miles of their homes.  That’s because many are retirees, especially towards the coast, where the best views in the area can be had.  Indeed, seaside cottage-like houses don’t block out the sky, and the tiny streets are just fine because there’s hardly anyone around.  It’s almost like a little fishing village most times of the day and night — as a matter of fact, residents’ boats lay just outside in the backyard, driveway, or communal piers!

Unfortunately, the picturesque environment exacted a particularly heavy price on Gerritsen Beach homeowners here: Hurricane Sandy really ravaged the neighborhood, and this section of bungalow-like homes most of all.  The alphabetically-order streets were under some dozen whole feet of seawater, flooding homes and destroying property.  Luckily, the community fields its own fire department, the last remaining volunteer unit in all of Brooklyn, and members (with the nom de service of “Vollies”) worked alongside municipal, state, and federal emergency response and relief personnel even as their own houses were damaged.

In the years since then, Gerritsen Beach has been restored to the quiet glory of an earlier time, and anglers abound again along the local estuary and salt marshes.  Ball fields, pitches, courts, and playgrounds — even a skate park; and even a miniature runway for motorized model aircraft — are all back in action for happy locals and other Brooklynites to enjoy once more.