NoHo Tenant Cleanup

Are you a NoHo landlord whose tenant left the place a mess?  Then let us handle the turnover cleaning, with expert professionals at truly affordable rates!

We are Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, a local family-owned and operated small business with eighteen years serving all of New York City and Long Island, including many of the very best NoHo addresses.  Our roots in the neighborhood run deep, extending back to our very first years as a company, and we’ve been providing the personal touch along with expert housekeeping ever since!

Why choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service?  Because “When You’re On a Budget But Only the Best Will Do,”℠ no one beats our capable women and men for a job well done every time, the first time around.  We’ll clean up your NoHo tenant’s vacated premises and have it at its most hygienic and presentable best in no time!  And we’ll do it at low low discount rates, extremely modest prices that only a small business like ours can provide because we can keep our costs down.

Why pay more for less when you can get “The Better Maid Service”℠ and still have money left over for yourself?  We work with institutional clients all the time and have the know-how necessary for quick turnover apartment cleaning that will have your next tenant happily paying rent in no time!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  “The Affordable Way to Keep House!”℠


A Little About NoHo, Manhattan

Luxury loft apartments…what is more 21st Century New York than that?  Luckily, NoHo is famous for them — as well as many other architectural features, such that most of the neighborhood has been recognized as historically significant and worthy of preservation.

Hence the luxury lofts, whole floors of formerly industrial workspace converted to spacious luxury rentals and condominiums.  We’re talking tens of thousands of square feet in many cases!  Certainly thousands in most…and the funny thing is, while most who could actually afford to live here are bankers and other such monied types, once upon a time only artists could legally live in NoHo!

That’s because it was a fairly industrial area then, even though even earlier it had been the same affluent area it has become again today, and artists were already moving in as commerce moved out, so a compromise was reached to help the colonists and help save the neighborhood.  The special municipal zoning amendment making this possible is still on the books and technically legal!  But money talks, and talks louder than anything else, even writers and poets and artists’ works, and so NoHo’s well-to-do all over again.  Once gritty like much of Gotham, it’s generally gentrified beyond recognition, a Back to the Future development which proves the French expression plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


Neighborhood Landmarks