Spring Discount Cleaning Special for Manhattan!

Posted by on March 28, 2015 in Announcements

Spring Discount Cleaning Special for Manhattan!

For a limited time only, our starting rate for labor in Manhattan is just thirty dollars an hour!  This is the most incredible discount cleaning on the whole island, made possible thanks to all our new clients in New York County whose vastly increased numbers now give us the economies of scale necessary to temporarily lower our prices.  Thank you — and thank yourselves with a pat on the back (and more money in your wallets) for choosing Polish Ladies Cleaning Service en masse!

Thank you, Manhattan, for referring numerous friends and family, giving our humble little family-owned and operated business the amount of business we need in order to bring down our hourly rates this spring cleaning season.  We hope that as business further improves, together we will be able to keep prices down from now on — for discount cleaning that’s ever more affordable!  Sign up now and get our expert housekeepers at 25% the normal price.  And if you subscribe during this special Spring 2015 promotional offer, you can lock in these special rates, no matter your subscription level!!  Hurry, this is a unique limited time-only offer and not to be repeated!

Our rates are already among the lowest in the industry locally in absolute numerical terms, but we’ve long had to maintain substantially higher levels for Manhattan due to the vastly increased costs of doing business in the borough, everything from traffic jams to traffic tickets!  Parking is non-existent, driving is slower than slow on a slow day to slow, and our nerves get frazzled on top of it all — but new business efficiencies introduced are starting to bear some fruit, streamlining much of our Manhattan operations such that some operating expenses have come down for us — which we are pleased to pass right along to you, our beloved customers!

That’s just how we like to do business, saving our customers money however we can.  We’re the local price and value leader when it comes to home and office cleaning, and part of that comes from our genuine desire to provide a real service instead of simply making money every which way we can.  That’s what it means to be proudly family-owned and operated, not forgetting our humble roots as a small business dedicated to the community.  That’s Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  We love our customers — and we put our money where our mouth is!

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