Tudor City Spring Cleaners

Get ready for springtime, Tudor City!  Easter’s coming, not to mention Passover…and of course Spring Break!

No break for the hard-working people at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, though — spring cleaning is when we really rev up the proverbial engines again for another long year of cleaning New York City and Long Island homes and businesses…including those in Tudor City, Manhattan!

Chase away the winter doldrums by having us give your place a thorough makeover with our spring cleaning expertise.  For well over eighteen years now, our family-owned and operated company has been helping folks just like you welcome the new spring by thoroughly scrubbing, scraping, mopping, dusting, wiping, waxing, sweeping, and scouring their home or workplace as needed!  Try us out and learn first-hand why we are The Tudor City Got-To Go-To for Cleaning!℠


A Little About Tudor City, Manhattan

Tudor City is not a neighborhood but an apartment complex, actually the world’s first-ever residential skyscrapers.  Speaking of the world, the easternmost of these buildings face UN headquarters.  Quite a change for an area of Gotham once notorious for its slums and crime!

It wasn’t until the Roaring Twenties that a real estate developer was inspired to lure middle-class tenants who had been abandoning Manhattan for the so-called Outer Boroughs.  Plans called for gardens and a miniature golf course.  Its legendary tennis courts, where exhibition matches were played by the leading athletes of the day, were even flooded during at least one winter to create an ice skating rink for the community.

Today’s Tudor City is a veritable neighborhood like any other in New York, with all kinds of shops among its fifteen buildings to cater to residents’ needs.  And even though it isn’t officially a neighborhood as such, the area’s a lot more recognizable than many others in the city that are formally acknowledged: just look up at its famous rooftop sign, a certified historical landmark!