Unhappy with Si Se Puede Cleaning?

Unlike other companies, it’s hard for us to believe that you can be dissatisfied with any Si Se Puede cleaning, since this is a workers’ cooperative, women-owned and operated just like us, and we’re also very pro-worker ourselves besides.  In fact, we regularly refer people who think they can’t afford our prices over to them (and they don’t even know we exist; we do it as a courtesy, out of solidarity)!  But it’s possible, and perhaps it does happen, that problems arise, inexcusable matters that inconvenience the customer or worse, when using Si Se Puede Cleaning.


But we sympathize.  Cleaning is a tough job, and it’s a very tough, highly competitive business to be in.  And Si Se Puede got started in response to worker exploitation, something we don’t practice ourselves, given our own roots as hands-on maids and janitors.  So how could anyone be unhappy with what are surely highly motivated workers?

But if by chance things with Si Se Puede didn’t work out, we beg you to consider Polish Ladies Cleaning Service (again?).  Housekeeping may seem like a commodity, but because each home or even office or other workplace is different in its own unique ways, it takes skill and a certain sensibility to identify what needs work and how to best go about it.  In other words, housekeeping requires quality people!  And getting quality cleaners isn’t a one-size-fits-all/any-will-do affair — and it certainly isn’t a race to the bottom, a cheapest-may-come matter!

Not if you care about quality.  Not if you care about fair treatment of workers and a healthy middle and working-class for New York City and the United States of America.  Not if you care about your home and the health and safety of your loved ones!

If you care, then you will care enough to choose the best.  If you really care, you will look to Polish Ladies Cleaning Service for the quality you need — at the prices you want!  For we specialize in hitting just that right balance between doing a good job and doing it affordably.

Take a look at our completely honest customer testimonials to see what we mean.  Chances are, we’re already serving your neighbors or someone else you know!  For after almost two decades in business, we’ve become Gotham’s got-to go-to for all things cleaning related when quality matters most.

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  Care Enough to Choose the Best!℠