Riverdale Residential Cleaning Services

Ah, Riverdale!

It’s one of Gotham’s premier film and television shooting locations, the neighborhood’s three square miles providing the backdrop for numerous productions over the years.  And no wonder — there’s something just so All-American about the place, starting with the name!

PLCS: Riverdale Choice Cleaners!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to claim Riverdale as our first Bronx territory, the first place in the legendary borough where we’ve had inquiries regarding our famous European-style housekeeping services.  It makes sense, of course: the area is full of vast estates that would seem to belong more in the country than within city limits, and who better to clean such fine homes than the original Polish maids of New York City and Long Island?℠

Polish women have developed a well-deserved reputation for cleanliness throughout Europe, coming from traditions of hard work and attention to detail.  When you

No other company covers all five boroughs as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties like we do, delivering our maids and janitors by car and van to better ensure their prompt arrival at your doorstep!  When you need it on-time, on-spec, and on-budget, you need us for the best value in the business: “Park Avenue quality at Main Street prices.”℠  Find out why smart homeowners choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service: contact us and we’ll work closely with you to fulfill all your housekeeping needs!


A Little About Riverdale, The Bronx

Yes, The Bronx.  You got a problem with that? ;-)

While grammarians may puzzle over the definite article, historians know that it comes from the Bronck family of Swedish immigrants who settled in the area during colonial times.  Its use is variously attributed to the stylistic manner by which rivers are referred in European languages — The Rhine, The Seine, The Volga, The Liffey (incidentally, there is a Bronx River in the Bronx) — and, more imaginatively, how folks probably used to say they were going to visit The Broncks (family, property).

Famed bucolic enclave in an otherwise often troubled borough, Riverdale is upper middle-class at a minimum and eternally luxurious: the northernmost point in all New York City, it was practically founded over a century ago as an exclusive community for Manhattan moguls of the day.  Indeed, the privately-owned (once a year the streets are closed to outsiders in order to maintain its privately owned legal status) Fieldston neighborhood, most of which is officially recognized as a historic district, preserves much of the way things were over a century and a half ago.  Quieter than quiet, it is to Riverdale what Riverdale is to the rest of the Bronx: leafy, affluent, with widely spaced estates and a very rural atmosphere.

Finally, Riverdale’s also one of the highest points in Gotham, and its hills make it a favorite haunt of city cyclists.  Arguably the most notable sport, however, is hurling, an sport played in the privately-owned Gaelic Park next door in the Kingsbridge neighborhood.