Renovation Cleanup in DUMBO

You, or your business (or both!), are located in DUMBO, Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass — and you will not be ignored!  Seems like everybody and their real estate agent is betting on this tony nabe taking off, but where are all the household services??

Introducing Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, the original Polish maids of New York City and Nassau and Suffolk Counties,℠ with almost twenty years of experience satisfying a diverse (and diversely demanding!) clientele!  No body cares like we do, because of our personal interest as a local small business in your complete satisfaction.  We are proudly women-owned and operated for dependability, affordability, and thoroughness!

We know what it takes to clean upscale housing — and we also know all about cleaning it before the final finishing touches are applied, as in the case of a renovation.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has developed a unique process that directly addresses the special demands involved with a post-construction environment.  The debris alone requires particular handling to ensure comprehensive removal — no simple vacuuming that!  High-end furniture, appliances, and installations also need distinct care appropriate to their make and material.  Only Polish Ladies Cleaning Service brings you the kind of Old World attention to detail necessary to properly complement your renovation!

PLCS: Cleaning Up DUMBO Renovations!

Our expertise in general housekeeping duties is unmatched, but we really pride ourselves on providing the full spectrum of renovation cleanup services at the most affordable prices anywhere, online or off.

Post-construction work isn’t easy, and it isn’t for everyone.  Not all cleaning companies can handle all the special requirements that can come into play, especially when dealing with out-of-the-ordinary situations involving the many space-age building materials used today, such as that used by the newer more modern construction techniques.  Let Polish Ladies Cleaning Service take the guesswork out of renovation cleanup!  Our people are well trained and highly experienced in all the most important industry standards and best practices.  No job is too large or small for our capable maids and janitors!


A Little About DUMBO, Brooklyn

Forget the $10 lattés and $90 Pilates class.  Yes yes, those recently converted condos boast some “awesome!” amenities.  But every rapidly gentrifying nabe worth its trust-funders’ trust has got bars and galleries and organic health food stores.  Arguably, DUMBO’s biggest claim to fame may be Gleason’s Gym, legendary training — and proving — grounds for the very best fighters in the Five Boroughs…and many points much further beyond: Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali were hosted here in their time.  Stop by Tuesday evenings to view free practice bouts open to the public!

In the other corner, also contending for DUMBO’s place in the history books is the free WiFi access available between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.  Financed by a developer, in conjunction with the local improvement district and installed by the non-profit NYC Wireless, it’s a first for New York City — and a somewhat shameful one, since, with internet access increasingly ever more expensive by the year, shouldn’t the public sector have taken the initiative to encourage wider participation in the most revolutionary technological issue of our time?  After all, how d’ya think DUMBO got started?  Government encouraged private enterprise by targeting specific neighborhoods for real estate development, rewriting any zoning laws necessary to implement a new vision of the city.  And let’s not even get started on all the tax breaks involved!!  So how about something that directly benefits the general public for a change, huh??

The funny thing is that those who can afford to live in DUMBO don’t really need free internet access, being able to pay for much faster speeds of course.  Then again, such amenities were designed to attract the monied crowd, naturally.  Indeed, that’s how all these neighborhood names came to be, making something sound too cool than the reality would suggest; who else but a troll would have ever thought of living next to a highway underpass before gentrification?  So coin a cute acronym and you too might start a trend; all it takes is a little imagination — say, BAMBI, for “Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge Interspace” — and a star is born!