East Williamsburg Post-Construction Cleanup

It’s North Brooklyn, and it’s still developing like it’s 1999 — which means Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is on the job, ready to provide expert post-construction cleanup for all the properties that’s coming on line!

Residential or commercial, nobody does it better — or more affordably — than New York’s original Polish maid service.℠  We’ve been a small family-owned and operated business since the mid-Nineties, and our nearly two decades of serving a diverse clientele means we have the experience to handle any job requirement: residential, commercial, or industrial!

A particular specialty of ours is post-construction cleaning, given the personal construction-trades background of some of our people (hey, “energia Polski!”); we know all about the kind of unique cleaning processes that a job site requires before something like painting or installation of appliances — and the kind of deep detail-oriented work necessary to then best showcase the property!

PLCS: East Williamsburg Professionals!

Contact Polish Ladies Cleaning Service right away for the best value in post-construction cleaning available anywhere, online or off.  As a local women-owned business, we don’t have the kind of corporate overhead that requires steep markups, and as an independent company we don’t have any licensing fees that must be kicked back to franchise headquarters!  That means you get the most for your money when it comes to all the tough stuff involved with a post-construction cleanup.  We clean better, faster, and more affordably — just ask around…chances are, we’re already working at an address place nearby!  Our company has been particularly busy with new construction and renovations in up-and-coming neighborhoods like East Williamsburg.  And no wonder!  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service does more for less, and we do it quickly, without damaging anything — because we’re experts: no task is too large or too small for our capable men and women.  Let us do the heavy lifting!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  “Because you deserve better housekeeping” — and post-construction cleanup!


A Little About East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Still generally referred to as Bushwick or even Greenpoint — and, of course, just good ol’ “Williamsburg,” simply — East Williamsburg was, as usual, a term coined by real estate wordsmiths in order to better promote their properties in what had been perceived to be an up-and-coming nabe that was still just a tad too edgy for mainstream markets.  (The NYT thinks [second sentence, eighteenth paragraph — about mid-page] that the name was popularly conceived, however.)  And indeed, who could blame them, what with a public housing project on 23 acres of the neighborhood’s 2.5 square miles — but hey, at least it’s a historic landmark!

Nevertheless, East Williamsburg is now undergoing the kind of redevelopment that more storied surrounding areas have, all thanks to rezoning, bringing about the same sort of interesting street architecture found in Williamsburg proper: upscale commercial activities operating out of many a formerly industrial building, which oftentimes is historically worthy enough to catch the attention of landmark preservationists.  And if you’re really one for nostalgia, well, there’s the East Williamsburg Industrial Park, only one of eight such special areas in the entire city, really harking back to the region’s industrial past!

Artists, students, and now professionals…an increasingly varied demographic can be found these days, and with them all the attendant cultural, gastronomical, and retail amenities.  You might just say that East Williamsburg is the next Williamsburg! ;-)