Post-Construction Cleaning for Bushwick

Bushwick is “comin’ up,” as the Brooklynese goes, and Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been right alongside it to clean up all the post-construction debris!  We are Brooklyn’s best when it comes to tidying up a job site for the next phase of building out a unit.  If you’re a real estate developer, you’ll want our all-inclusive post-construction services to help you properly prepare your properties for the final stages of painting walls and installing appliances.  Residential or commercial, only Polish Ladies Cleaning Service offers professional best practices with a wholesaler’s discount pricing to satisfy all your building requirements — on-time, on-spec, and on-budget!

PLCS: The Bushwick Post-Construction Cleaning Experts

There’s no dust like that found on a construction site, and there’s no better company this side of the Hudson than Polish Ladies Cleaning Service for tidying up!  Yes, you can always use sweeping compound (which we also use where warranted), but there’s no substitute for good old-fashioned elbow grease: “an old broom knows the corners!”  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service comes in when the masons and carpenters clear out: we will prep the work site for your painters and installers to properly do their jobs.  We are the original Polish maids of New York City and Long Island,℠ in business for eighteen years now and counting — so you know we’ve got the experience necessary to handle any task, large or small!

Polish men have long worked the construction trades, and Polish women have a reputation for providing conscientious housekeeping services — and at our family-owned and operated company, we provide the most capable maids and janitors in the entire metropolitan region.  Our reputation in this business is impeccable, stemming from successfully satisfying a diverse and demanding clientele.  Just ask around; chances are, we’re already working the site at a development near you!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  Tidying up Bushwick, one address at a time.℠


A Little About Bushwick, Brooklyn

Bushwick is the next frontier of the New Brooklyn, a 21st Century vision of what a New York City neighborhood should be: clean, safe, creative, with a variety of cultural and commercial amenities for a diversely vibrant community.  Rows of brownstones are being returned to their original glory as upscale housing while new units of apartment buildings are being developed for an expected influx of new residents attracted to the area’s growing vitality.  Still-low rents mean a plethora of artists, which often means students, which in turn means bars and restaurants along once quiet — even abandoned — streets.  Factories have found a new lease on life as specialty workshops devoted to upscale handicrafts for an increasingly wealthy population.  The times, they certainly are a-changin’!

But progress can be slow: while some older locals have anticipated a transformation as far back as the early Nineties, when neighboring districts had first begun gentrifying, Bushwick’s positive trendlines remain stubbornly modest — evidently, decades of neglect are sometimes more intransigent than even millennial Gotham’s famously booming real estate market can affect.  And not everyone is convinced that the changes are all for the better, anyway — not even some of the original catalysts themselves — so it’s probably good that overall development proceeds slowly, gradually.

For all that, there’s a certain inevitability to the shift taking place, however.  New construction continues, and renovation of existing structures has never stopped.  Artisinal breads, cheeses, and beer are only the beginning.  It’s Bushwick, baby!