Greenpoint Polish Cleaning Lady


Greenpoint is the home of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, where our business was first founded back in the mid-Nineties as an economical alternative to pricey franchise operations and here-today-gone-tomorrow freelancers.  Since then, we’ve grown from a one-woman concern to the industry’s local price and value leader!  That’s because each and every cleaning lady we employ provides our customers unbeatable quality and savings.  Still family-owned and operated after all these years, we are now in our second generation of providing premier housekeeping services to all the best homes throughout New York City and Long Island!

PLCS: The Original Greenpoint Cleaners

Look to us when you want a real Polish maid, one who upholds the legendary reputation of Polish women for hard work and cleanliness.  Nothing says Polish like Greenpoint, and nothing says Polish cleaning women like Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!

We satisfy a wide-ranging customer base of homes, businesses, and non-profit institutions by maintaining their upkeep, making them clean and hygienic, clutter-free and presentable, and, where workplaces are concerned,  safe and tidy for employees.  We serve all five boroughs and the two counties, but our heart is home in Greenpoint.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is Greenpoint.  It will always be Polish for us — and for you, you’ll always get Polish quality and value!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  Tidying up Greenpoint since 1996 — one place at a time.℠


A Little About Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Originally known as a German enclave, Greenpoint’s subsequent reputation as a Polish one has been undergoing changes brought about by the same dynamics that have enveloped neighboring communities: glassy condominiums, skyrocketing rents, and the monied newcomers driving it all.  Of prime importance as well has been the visionary rezoning implemented by Gotham’s urban planners in 2005, reclaiming the spaces long abandoned by never-returning industries for upscale residential development.  And it’s not over yet: almost twenty thousand new residents are expected to call Greenpoint home in just another decade of continuing real estate transformation!

They will be drawn by several thousand new housing units, many of them overlooking newly developed waterfront promenades with boating and fishing facilities.  Not bad for a nabe which got a long-toxic creek that’s finally getting cleaned up!

Yes, that’s the dirty secret of Greenpoint, the infamous Exxon-Mobil spill of many years ago.  But property prices continue to climb as a new generation of New Yorkers discover Greenpoint’s proximity to Manhattan, as well as its central location affording easy access to Queens and the rest of Brooklyn!  And with all the changes now, there may be little reason to venture further — you’ve got your retail chains, upscale as well as middle-brow, which nestle comfortably alongside long-time mom-and-pops; ultra-modern highrises face traditional vinyl-siding rowhouses; the local parks have been not just renovated but upgraded with the latest recreational features; and there are trendy foodie eateries next to working people’s fast-food conveniences!

Thankfully, Greenpoint still offers a good dose of Polish cooking! ;-) And while trendy bars and restaurants have found success in serving the much-changed demographics, Polish establishments continue to sell traditional favorites from babka and bigos to kasha and kielbasa — plus, of course, pierogies!