PLCS’ Yelp Contact Information

Posted by on April 2, 2015 in Announcements

PLCS’ Yelp Contact Information

Looking for Yelp contact information?  As New York’s Hometown Maids,℠ we know all there is to know about Gotham, having served many a residential and commercial address throughout our nearly twenty years in business locally.  So as a public service message, we are proud to present the following Yelp contact information — because it’s so hard to get in touch with them!

Not that you would want to if you could help it, given their highly immoral business practices…but it’s precisely because of all those immoral practices that their contact info is so sought-after — and so well-hidden!

Well, not anymore.

Top Secret Yelp Contact Information

It’s almost as bad as trying to get a hold of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s secret formula of eleven herbs and spices, but luckily, our experience pinpointing addresses rivals that of UPS!  Moreover, we’ve got the dirt on Yelp, at least as far as their contact info’s concerned.  After all, who else but the maid would know such things?? ;-)  And so it is that we have available through our own hard work the following Yelp phone numbers and e-mail addresses for your needs — some of which contacts aren’t available anywhere online, and all of which are rather hard to come by!

That’s because Yelp doesn’t want to be found.  Like Mark Zuckerberg — who blames a rare moment of honesty on youthful indiscretion — wanting the privacy he denies others, Yelp wants to be left alone despite making a fortune off pestering others or even downright ruining their livelihoods.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, they do much of this through fake reviews!

So go ahead and bombard the @#$%&! at Yelp with the following contact information.  For starters, their local offices are located at:

11 Madison Avenue

New York, New York 10010

But in this day and age, you’re probably looking to send e-mail instead of snail-mail.  Okay, here are some addresses (n.b.: clicking on them will open up your e-mail client):

In case you just want to call them up, well, there’s the standard 415-908-3801 catch-all number, and ad sales at 877-767-9357…but we recommend their Finance Department at 415-632-4021, especially if your situation is anything like ours, where we got billed for something we never purchased!

Yelp Is for Yentas

Yelp is made by trolls for trolls.  The company likes to make itself out to be some kind of Voice for the Masses but all it does is trade in malicious gossip.  Well, at least it won’t be able to hide itself as easily now that some more contact info on it is available at last!

So spread the word: share this page with one and all to let them know how Yelp can be reached.  And…if you found this useful, won’t you please consider leaving us a positive review on Yelp! ;-)