The PLCS Difference: Still Small and Proudly So!

Posted by on March 25, 2015 in Announcements

The PLCS Difference: Still Small and Proudly So!

In less than another year we’ll be celebrating our 20th Anniversary serving New York City and Long Island, so this is a great time to review why we’re still a small business after all these years!

The main reason is you: by staying small, we can much better control the quality of our services — because we can afford to be much more selective in the people we hire and send over to your place!

Especially when it comes to your home, you really want to feel comfortable — and have things done just the way you want them.  It doesn’t matter what other people want; it’s how you want things done that matters most to you — and us!

And that means having quality people, who are necessarily rare, especially in a tough field like this.  By staying a small business, we don’t have corporate overhead that eats into already slim profit margins, meaning we can afford to pay more for better people, the kind of folks you would feel comfortable with in your residence.  Even for your workplace (perhaps especially so), you want cleaners who will showcase your business in its best possible light, who will not get in the way of your daily operations but complement them by providing a sanitized and clutter-free environment for your customers and employees alike.

Unlike our competitors, we’re intentionally small so that we can better serve our highly demanding clientele.  There’s just no way around it!  Because while cleaning is not rocket science, the quality of work is highly dependent on the person performing it.  It really does take a special set of personalities to be conscientious and detail-oriented while patient with the various demands of different customers day-in/day-out…while performing arduous physical labor hourly, daily, weekly, monthly — even yearly…while receiving necessarily modest compensation…and not having a reliable schedule since we are all necessarily at our clients’ beck and call….

With almost twenty years in the cleaning business, we’ve really seen it all.  And trust us, this is just how it is when it comes to all the varying needs of different customers — it takes a really special though vastly under-appreciated person to clean well and consistently with enough good cheer that clients don’t feel uncomfortable in their own homes!

The grumpy (even creepy) custodian of “Simpsons” fame is good-enough-for-government but never good enough for you: we understand.  That’s why we’re different in that we recognize the realities of this business and operate accordingly, accepting the necessities of the broader reality of the industry.  Compare this with the attitude of our venture capital-funded competitors with tens of millions in the bank that think cleaning is so easy they can just hire “independent contractors” to send into your home or place of business!

No, you can’t just waltz into this line of work and corner the market overnight, no matter how much money you pore into advertising and fancy smartphone apps — because it’s about the people in the end, the workers who almost have to be saints in order to expertly handle all the various demands of the job, which often change from day to day.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is still a small business after all these years because that’s the only way to control the quality of the work!

It’s also the only way we’re able to answer the phones ourselves, answer all your e-mail inquiries individually, handle your every concern with the personal touch that takes into account your unique individual needs.  Everyone here, including management and company principals, have had extensive first-hand experience cleaning.  We’re not bankers, MBAs, and other corporate types who think the cleaning business is the next place to make big bucks — we understand this business in our bones, not from a spreadsheet based on erroneous assumptions about life itself!

For it’s clear that the whiz kids behind such operations think, like McNamara did, that everything’s simply a matter of numbers and formulae and ways of manipulating them to achieve the desired outcome.  But maids are not widgets — one size does not fit all when it comes to the variety of people’s needs for their homes!

That’s why Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is the got-to go-to for expert housekeeping in Gotham and surrounding communities, and that’s why we have to stay small, in order to better control the quality of our people and their work for you.  Thanks to all our many customers throughout the years, we can now look forward to entering a third decade serving the finest local addresses with quality home and office cleaning!

Thank you for continuing to choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.

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