Hempstead Passover Cleaning

What’s a Hempstead Passover without our dedicated expert professionals who clean from top to bottom — at the most affordable prices anywhere, anytime!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has long maintained the most prestigious Hempstead addresses, working especially hard around Passover in order to ensure that every home is duly cleaned for the holiday!

In addition to our maids, we also offer highly experienced janitors for business, industry, and other institutional clients in need of affordable housekeeping.  Our people are our own, a select cadre of the best talent available locally, people who actually want to clean for a living!

Yes, it’s true: our women and men are truly dedicated in every sense of the word.  We are proud of our labor — everyone at our family-owned and operated business has actually cleaned for a living — and we are pleased to present Hempstead and all Long Island with the best custodial services at the lowest possible prices.  It’s why Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is the undisputed value leader!

Only we combine quality and savings like no one else ever could hope to do because we are a small business with no corporate overhead to maintain.  And being family-run means we have a personal stake in your complete satisfaction, offering a truly personal touch to our work.  It’s no wonder that we’re “How Hempstead Stays Good-Lookin’!”℠


A Little About Hempstead, Nassau County

Geographic labels and boundaries on Long Island are a taxonomist’s nightmare, so it should be no surprise that there is both a Village of Hempstead and a Town of Hempstead, with the former existing within the latter.  This is because the village came first, naturally enough, and grew to become the great big town that shares Nassau County with a couple other sister towns, Oyster Bay and North Hempstead.  This nesting doll quality pervades the island, so it is fitting that Hempstead the town is made up of almost two dozen villages and over three dozen hamlets.  Incidentally, South Hempstead one such hamlet.  West Hempstead is another.  No, there is no East Hempstead — town, village, or hamlet!

As almost always, place names are driven by realtors hoping to cash in; ’tis ever been so, since Viking scammers promoted the ill-labeled Greenland.  In West Hempstead, for example, there’s been a movement afoot for well over a whole decade now for a complete name-change.  Local identity is very important throughout Long Island, and residents are really proud of their communities and like to distinguish them from surrounding areas as a certain degree of homogenization has been attached to the history of Nassau County real estate development in particular: cookie-cutter postwar starter homes that, despite widespread customization over the subsequent decades, still tend to bear heavy resemblance to one another.  But politics is also another Long Island passion (homeowners have historically been much, much more politically active), and it’s been said that ulterior motives beyond communal pride are behind the movement in West Hempstead.