Old-Fashioned South Village Cleaning

Say, South Village!

Do you even know that your neighborhood is called South Village?  Many residents don’t — but we do!

After all, we’re the reason How South Village Homes Look Their South Village Best.℠  We’re Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, one of the city’s most experienced housekeepers, family-owned and operated since 1996 — and even then, the South Village moniker was a bit of a secret to even native New Yorkers!

No worry, however: our expert maids can get to your residence just the same and do their amazing work, all at the most affordable prices in the industry.  All things considered, we are the local value leaders when it comes to professional home-cleaning second to none!  It’s why we serve all Gotham as well as a great many points out east on Long Island, counting everyone from individual homes and businesses to institutions like churches, government agencies, and other non-profit organizations.  When you compare all that we offer, there’s just no competition — and the choice is clear: Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is the savvy shopper’s got-to go-to for good old-fashioned quality and savings on thorough cleaning that’s dependable!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  Tidying Up South Village One Address at a Time.℠


A Little about South Village, Manhattan

Does the South Village even exist anymore?  Even many a resident hasn’t ever heard the name.  It’s certainly one of the very smallest neighborhoods in the city, consisting of just a few blocks south of Washington Square Park.  Locals, even the few born and bred there, are as likely to consider their domicile to be SoHo or Greenwich Village.  So just how did a separate identity arise, anyway?

South Village was distinguished mainly for its working-class Irish Catholic residents, in contrast to the Protestant merchants who lived in nearby Greenwich Village.  Then even-poorer Italian immigrants came to dominate South Village censuses, and as with the history of other communities, the relatively cheap rents attracted ever more artists to move in as well.  Thus, today’s South Village laneways are understandably undifferentiated to many, especially given all the real estate development of the Bloomberg years.

No worries, though: the neighborhood’s got some of the fiercest preservation advocates this side of Utopia (this is a good thing!), so even though the name may not resonate with many, the actual memory of the place and its prominent place in local history will live on in the very walls and streets saved from demolition.

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