Bowery Old-Fashioned Cleaners

When it comes to fighting grime in the Bowery, choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get the quality you need at the prices you want!  That’s because nothing says the Bowery like Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, a good old-fashioned family-run small business that’s been providing premier housekeeping to New York and Long Island for the past eighteen years…and counting!  For just like the famed Bowery section of Lower Manhattan, we are New York through and through, catering to the most diverse clientele this side of the United Nations further uptown!  No one beats Polish Ladies Cleaning Service when it comes to reliability and affordability, with a professionalism second to none and often the very best there is.  Not to toot our own horn here but there’s a reason why we serve everyone from homes and businesses to government and other non-profit organizations!

Many reasons, in fact: expertise; dependability; professionalism.  And our extremely competitive rates help make us the most affordable option when all things are considered!  From a job done right, right away — the first time around — to the many very generous customer loyalty rewards available, there’s absolutely no other company like us in the industry.  We’re truly “Gotham’s Got-To Go-To for Cleaning Second to None!”℠

Find out why savvy local homes and businesses choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service for all their custodial needs: contact us and we’ll work closely with you to make your residence or workplace its very hygienic and presentable best.  Free yourself of grime and clutter the old-fashioned way, with our honest-to-Goodness cleaning professionals who will expertly scrub and scour and organize and sanitize your environment and belongings with dedication and care!

Cleaning is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.  We’re the best in the business so why waste time and money on the rest?  Get the right people for the job and get your weekends back!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service: Cleaning Up the Bowery…One Address at a Time!℠


A Little About The Bowery, Manhattan

Ah, the Bowery!  Where to start…one of the most storied of all Gotham locales, it’s a genuine trial determining just where to begin even the most cursory of introductions that would lend this legendary nabe some historical justice.  And that’s is no idle speculation.  Really old-timey New York is the Bowery.  This neighborhood’s seen it all, from back when the area was Dutch!

So what do you say about the place that says it all by virtue of its own history?  That’s seen it all — again and again, no less?

Perhaps a simple list of Bowery highlights would do.  After all, if the very streets themselves can talk, they’d surely tell of Lenape natives, Dutch etymologies, English settlements, American industry, antebellum respectability, subsequent flophouses, and modern decline.  And of course, the infamous Bowery Boys!

And gentrification, too, most recently.  For the Bowery’s once again becoming more upscale as new real estate development spills over into its boundaries from literally all directions, with the attendant retail operations to cater to the monied and leisurely.

But that’s all quite an appropriate outcome for the oldest thoroughfare in Gotham, where all rub should shoulders enjoying the benefits of democracy.  After all, what’s a metropolis without having it all?  And today’s Bowery has got a mix that’s just perfectly New York!