Upper West Side Office Cleaning

Most people don’t associate the Upper West Side with offices and office buildings, but as Gotham’s premier provider of upscale housekeeping services, we know all about them: in addition to helping with household maintenance, we’ve long administered office cleaning to many of the legendary neighborhood’s leading commercial addresses!

We’re Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, the local price and value leader that’s been in business for almost two decades now Tidying Up the Upper West Side — One Home or Business at a Time!℠  Proudly family-owned and operated, we care about our customers like no faceless franchise or anonymous corporation ever could, taking a deeply personal interest in everyone’s complete satisfaction with our work.  It’s just this kind of ethos we bring to the Upper West Side community of artists, architects, writers, and professors!

And we do it affordably, with competitive rates that are the best in the industry when factoring in the quality work performed by our capable men and women.  From professional office cleaning to residential housekeeping for fine homes, we do it all for all New Yorkers, all over town all the year long!  Contact us straight away to get acquainted with all of our services.  You won’t be disappointed!  That’s because we’re “New York’s Hometown Maids!”℠


A Little About the Upper West Side, Manhattan

Though it’s not a hard-n-fast rule, it’s as close to a rule of thumb as anyone’s likely to get out of an eclectic place like New York: while the Upper East Side tends to host the city’s business elite, its artistic elite are more often found working and residing across town in the Upper West Side.

And who can blame them, what with Lincoln Center, Columbia University, the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History mostly located within walking distance of one another?  No wonder Upper West Side locales are so beloved by Hollywood when depicting the great city!

Still, a few pockets of the area’s formerly working-class roots exist.  While its great manufacturing and transportation hubs have long passed into history, old four-story walk-ups still line whole stretches of many blocks throughout parts of the neighborhood, especially if one counts in Morningside Heights and/or Manhattan Valley (which had once been, and still occasionally are, considered parts of Harlem).  And while residences predominate by far, numerous professional offices may be found along the commercial strip that is world-famous Broadway.  Then again, favorable tax policies have encouraged many to operate offices right out of their own apartments, such that multiple apartments are often owned for just such purposes — you don’t even have to be Charlie Rangel to do it!  So you’ll never know what you’d find on the Upper West Side, which is quite appropriate for the Capital of the World that is New York City.