Nolita New Year’s Eve Cleaning

Are you a procrastinator who lives in Nolita and suddenly realizes that some home-cleaning for the New Year is long overdue?  Don’t worry: we’re here to help — last-minute requests welcome!

We’re Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, the leading provider of premium housekeeping for New York City and Long Island these past eighteen years.  We specialize in fulfilling eleventh-hour demands!  And as a local family-owned and operated small business, you can be sure of our personal commitment to your complete satisfaction.  No other company, online or off, could care as much as we do, taking the same personal interest in your home and its cleanliness.  That’s because we’re not some anonymous corporate franchise, no big-bucks venture capital operation trying to exploit some developing trend.  We’ve been in the cleaning business for so long that we’re now transitioning into literally a second generation of leadership!

Plus, all our expert maids are highly qualified and trustworthy — we don’t just hire anyone.  Your Nolita home is safe with our capable cleaning ladies!  We don’t damage your furniture in a mad dash onto the next assignment; our folks won’t rummage through your belongings out of curiosity — or worse.  Our good people pride themselves on providing Old Country care, traditional housekeeping services where fidelity and reliability go hand-in-hand with expertise and attention to detail.  Contact Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get the value and peace of mind you deserve!


A Little About Nolita, Manhattan

Pepperoni Tomato Cheese“Nolita” (alternate CamelCase spelling of “NoLIta” also valid) stands for “North of Little Italy,” yet another realtors’ moniker that’s caught on.  Ethnic enclaves were always a hard sell, so new neighborhood names are forever being coined in order to help differentiate real estate offerings from their surrounding communities.  Portmanteaus being fashionable in the Nineties, it was only a time before Nolita followed in the footsteps of adjacent SoHo and TriBeCa.

Arguably, however, the distinction is more than just cosmetic: Little Italy is deeply Italian (and now practically Chinese — though here too gentrification has wrought enormous changes), but the most that may be said of Nolita is that it’s “only” Italian-American at most.  That’s because while sharply Italian aspects endure, from architectural landmarks to the tenaciously sept-, oct-, and nonagenarian residents of such heritage, the neighborhood is generally inhabited by monied transplants now; specifically, David Brooks’ “bobos,” bohemian bourgeoisie, affluent folks with hippie tastes.  No wonder Nolita has become the city residence of choice for creative types like famous actors, musicians, writers, and filmmakers!

Official First US PizzeriaNolita’s biggest claim to fame, arguably, is for hosting the nation’s first pizzeria — Lombardi’s, a neighborhood fixture that serves as a great geographical point of reference for residents and tourists alike.  Though first, it’s not necessarily the “oldest,” however, depending on just how one defines age: while established in 1905, it’s shut down and changed owners, whereas Papa’s in Robbinsville, New Jersey has been in continuous operation by the same family since 1912.  But since the eatery is always mobbed, diners can always be sure of fresh hot food!