Herald Square New Year’s Day Cleaning

Hello, Herald Square!

What a magical place: a shopping mecca, the terminus of Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, one of Gotham’s most famous crossroads.  And if you can afford to live in Herald Square (God bless ye), you would likely be away for the holidays — the perfect time to have us clean your apartment!  We will give your home the perfect cleaning makeover, a thorough detailed job for the New Year!  As the original Polish maid service of New York City and Long Island, our ladies know housekeeping like no one else in this industry — and as a family-owned and operated small business, we take a deeply personal interest in your complete satisfaction like no one else could!

That’s the Polish Ladies Cleaning Service difference, our magical touch born of care and concern for the health and well-being of your home.  We treat your belongings with the respect they deserve!  That’s because our good people are carefully selected to ensure peace of mind: we pay them a full 25% above prevailing wages to start, and boost that another 10% a mere month later!  We do this first and foremost because it’s fair — this is an expensive town, and we’re not even talking about Herald Square livin’ — but our customers benefit by getting the most experienced, the most dedicated, the most x, and the most y — in short, the most qualified — cleaners in the business locally.  This translates into trustworthy workers who know what they’re doing and do it right the first time — every time!


A Little About Herald Square, Manhattan

A few of the small population of private residents may sniff at the notion, but let’s face it: Herald Square is Herald Square because of Macy’s — and it’s most magical during Thanksgiving Day, when the company’s famous annual parade ends right here outside its flagship location.  Named after the nineteenth-century tabloid that circulated reports of crime and scandal in the thousand scores, the area today is a fitting reflection of this sensational history, a world-famous spectacle of New York hustle and bustle.  Herald Square has long been a commercial district first and foremost, with world-class retail operations that draw tourists every day, but for well over a decade now the neighborhood has diversified its commercial tenants to include hi-tech startups, constituting the periphery of Gotham’s Silicon Alley.  The other traditional use of Herald Square land has been for office space, so it’s not surprising that dot-com companies have built a presence here.

Given all this, why would anyone ever want to live in such a place?  Noise, traffic, tourists, tourist traps, and tourist trap prices are just the first things encountered not even a nose out the front door.

Well, how about convenience?  Like the real estate maxim goes, “location, location, location.”  Herald Square is wonderfully centrally located from most any point in New York City, from Yankee Stadium to Snug Harbor; from the USS Intrepid to Flushing Meadows Corona Park and Coney Island.

Not to mention, of course, the million-and-one Manhattan points of interest!