Unhappy with MyClean?

If you were less than satisfied with MyClean, you’re not alone — and it stands to reason, really: MyClean was started by bankers…what do bankers know about cleaning homes and offices, honestly??

That’s the problem with the cleaning business; we see it time and time again, year after after these past eighteen years and counting — everyone thinks anyone can get in on the act!  After all, it’s easy, right?

Well, not only is the work hard to do (much harder than most realize until they try actually doing it themselves — day after day, year after year), but running the whole operation — keeping both clients and workers highly satisfied — is one of the hardest things to do in any business!

The PLCS Review of MyClean

No wonder that many MyClean customers are unhappy, given the commodified nature that MyClean and their ilk brink to the industry.  One size fits all.  One maid is as good as any other.  And anyone will do.  It’s all about winning price wars in a race to the bottom — with you the client caught in the middle!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is family-owned and operated and remains that way for a very deliberate reason: we want to stay nimble to best serve you, our genuinely beloved customer, and the only way to really do this is to carefully select who we hire and continue to employ to send to your home or place of business!

We’re the only ones with truly stringent standards.  Oh, no felonies on record?  Pshaw!  That’s just the beginning: our folks have to really know how to clean and — just as importantly — know how to interact positively with vastly different individuals on a regular basis throughout each and every day.  Our folks aren’t robots; they don’t simply get to work by rote, going through the motions.  They use not just their common sense but their unique intelligence to determine what needs doing — and who in your household or workplace needs what besides simple cleaning!

Can MyClean custodians do that?  Our maids work well with children and the elderly.  We are just fine around pets, from the largest canines to the most exotic of vertebrates.  You’ll never hear a “not my job” out of our good folks: no task is too big or small for our capable ladies!

Take it from us, with well over eighteen years (and counting!) of experience in the business serving New York City and Long Island: you can’t just outsource contract workers and call yourself a cleaning company.  At Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, we provide premium housekeeping of the traditional kind done in Europe, Continental-style, where maids are part of the family and everything that needs to be done will be done, the right way, right away!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  “At Your Service!”℠