Hicksville Moving Day Cleaners

Hello, Hicksville!

That’s been the Moving Day battle cry of many a newcomer who’s transformed this Nassau burg from a Levittown (Levitt & Sons are responsible for a significant portion of the housing stock) into the center of South Asian life on Long Island.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to offer traditional European housekeepers highly experienced in Old Country ways of care, dedication, and expertise to help maintain your fine Hicksville property!

PLCS: Hicksville’s Best, Guaranteed

Like Hicksville itself, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service manages to combine the best of the old and the new: we stick to tried-and-true ways of doing business and providing premium housekeeping while offering convenient online scheduling and payment functionality.  Need a thorough cleaning for that sudden soirée this weekend?  Just whip out your smartphone and schedule it — right away!

And because we’re a women-owned business, we take your satisfaction personally.  It really matters to us how you feel about our services!  Which is why we offer an industry-leading guarantee for your peace of mind: it’s not for nothing that Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been trusted with the upkeep of homes, businesses, offices, and churches for these past eighteen years.

We are particularly pleased to be selected by many moving to their new homes, trusting us with the highly important task of readying the premises for occupation.  Whether realtors or owners or renters, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is everyone’s got-to go-to for making sure that Moving Day leads to a clean, safe, tidy, and hygienic new abode!


A Little About Hicksville, Nassau County

Hicksville, Long Island, is something really interesting, but not in the usual way: in place of big-time tourist attractions (though there used to be a modest reptile museum in town [it’s actually a hamlet and CDP both]), there’s the joke-friendly name, for starters (which residents have twice turned down changing), and then there are all the celebrities who hail from the place — most famously, Billy Joel (who is to Long Island what Springsteen is to Jersey).  Relatively recently, the town’s dramatically changed from an old-fashioned Levittown of Catholics to a magnet for South Asian Hindus…within the space of just one census!  East Asians have also found a welcome home in Hicksville, boosting overall Asian demographic figures to double that from the turn of the century to twenty percent today…and counting!

It’s a far cry from the former stereotype of Hicksville as an industrial place in the middle of nowhere.  And while residents old and new continue to turn down developing higher density housing of the kind that should boost the local economy, other efforts at modernizing the community proceed apace.  But some things may never change: parking will likely continue to be an issue for this most central transportation hub of “Lawn Guyland!”