Dyker Heights Move-In Cleaning

Moving into Dyker Heights?  Congratulations!  Let us clean up your home and make it truly livable with our expert detailed deep-cleaning services!  We’re Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, a local mom-and-pop maid company that’s been preparing fine homes for habitation throughout New York City and Long Island for almost twenty years now.  As the original Polish maids of the metropolitan area, we have a sterling housekeeping reputation to keep up!  And as a family-run concern, you can be sure of our deep personal interest in your complete satisfaction.

After all, who’s going to care more about your home, a faceless mega-corporation or a local small business whose owners answer the phones and e-mail themselves?  There is just no beating Polish Ladies Cleaning Service when it comes to quality, and when our low discount rates are factored in, we are the clear value leader in the commercial and residential housekeeping market!

Unlike other companies, we are very selective about who is hired to go on and work in our clients homes or workplaces.  It stands to reason to us, even if it goes against conventional business sense and wisdom about maximizing profits and efficiency.  This is why we can provide premium cleaning services, the all-inclusive Continental kind of housekeeping traditionally performed in Europe: Trust.

You can trust Polish Ladies Cleaning Service to help you move into Dyker Heights in style with a thoroughly cleaned home that’s practically as good as new!  You’ll swear that housewarming never was so balmy as after a professional cleaning by our capable maids!  We help make a house or apartment into a home by carefully wiping or scrubbing away accumulated dirt, stains, pet hairs, and even mold that’s built up in corners and other out-of-the-way places.  Attention to detail is why we can guarantee you a truly clean and hygienic home with which to welcome you to Dyker Heights!

Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and choose the home-cleaning value leader bar none.  We’ll make sure your home is properly cleaned for your arrival.  Be sure to recommend us to your new neighbors!

And don’t forget us when you need cleaning for the holidays, too — especially when it comes to decorating for Christmas! :-)


A Little About Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

Dyker Heights is literally world-famous for its residents’ Christmas spirit: entire busloads — plural — of tourists come around during the Yuletide Season to experience the incredibly extensive holiday decorations to be found within just a simple two-block radius.  That’s right: sightseers don’t just “enjoy” the spectacle but deeply experience the awesome fact that Dyker Heights locals are so creative all on their own — no property ordinances mandate such breath-taking displays — expressing a collective joy all on their own.  We’re talking about hundreds of homes!

It all started during the 1980s.  While no one is absolutely certain when the practice first began, what is clear is that by 1985 a commercial tour operator was offering the neighborhood as a part of his holiday itinerary.  The Nineties saw escalating adoption, and by the Aughts most of Dyker Heights was in on the custom.

Now known as “Dyker Lights,” this celebration has become an institution in itself.  And despite the sidewalks packed with tourists, residents take it all in good cheer; they’re more worried about a certain kind of gentrification, one associated with hip live-music lounges and artisanal boutiques.  Fortunately, everything has remained very family-oriented in a traditional way, with a handful of generally small-town-like businesses that only dot the neighborhood of mid-six-figure housing.

Speaking of dwellings, “Dyker Prime,” a realtors’ appellation, is comprised of those places closest to the golf course, the other local notable.  It used to be the world’s busiest, with over a hundred thousand rounds played each year, but then again it’s a public course, a municipal golf course, and just so happens to adjoin Dyker Beach Park proper.  This is the area where Dyker Heights can sometimes feel more like a real “heights;” homes here, some recalling Mediterranean abodes, are situated on a slight ridge that affords a modest incline — a nice break in an otherwise flat geography.

No introduction to Dyker Heights would be complete without noting so-called Dyker Park, a smaller unofficial area within the already small neighborhood that tends to offer larger standalone housing alongside the occasional modest condominium complex.  These apartment buildings, no more than four stories tall and oftentimes just two or three (these latter bearing the appearance of any other house in the area save for the multiple separate entrances), are a small sign of the change that’s been occurring for decades — and which has been successfully resisted in Dyker Heights.  Speaking of which, it should also be noted that the parts of Dyker Heights that are closest to Bensonhurst are now considered by some residents to not be part of the old neighborhood any more, since the latter hosts a large Chinese population whereas the former still retains its overwhelmingly Italian personality — witness the Dyker Lights!


Clean for the Holidays!