Garden City Maid Service

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A Little About Garden City, Nassau County

The first thing to know about Garden City is that it’s technically a village, despite its name.  In the State of New York, the political or administrative divisions known as villages fall within larger such units called towns, and indeed Garden City is one of many that make up the Town of Hempstead — not to be confused with the Village of Hempstead.  To mix things up further, a tiny part of the Village of Garden City lies within another town — called North Hempstead!

“But that’s not all!” as they say on those late-night television infomercials: the Garden City “brand” is also applied to a handful of adjacent areas which are actually different administrative divisions in their own right, such Garden City South, Garden City Park, and East Garden City — all of which are both hamlets and CDPs, or Census Designated Places.  Got that?

“But wait, there’s more!”

Hamlets aren’t even defined under any New York laws, and so various boundaries exist delineating one from another, depending on who’s doing the marking: the county can have one idea, while locals another — and Google Maps and Wikipedia still others, even!  Hamlets are, in effect, just like New York City neighborhoods — everyone’s got their own notion of where one ends and another begins.  Then there’s the arcane fact that territories can be gained or lost depending on dicennial census counts!

Not that you need to know such taxonomy to enjoy Garden City, but if you ever do get directions referring to such geographical locations, you’ll understand why.  (Speaking of which — Lafayette Road in Garden City is the same stretch of asphalt that Hempstead calls Lafayette Avenue.  Welcome to Long Island!)  Now, just to conclude this tangential detour of an introduction by way of coming full-circle: the Garden City zip code of 11530 happens to cover Garden City South and East Garden City as well, while being shared with the fellow village of Stewart Manor — this is the so-called “Greater Garden City” area.

So, anyway, on to Garden City proper: its main claim to fame these days is hosting Adelphi University, but the village has often played an important part in regional and even national history, particularly in the early days of aviation.  Founded by an immigrant millionaire over a century ago as an upscale retirement community, the vast majority of residents today are indeed middle-aged or older, and with a median household income of well over a hundred thousand dollars a year (according to the U.S. Census), hopefully they are quite comfy as well!

Like just about all of the surrounding area, Garden City is a bedroom community for the five boroughs or counties of New York City.  Generally peaceful and quiet, it offers all the positive qualities of a suburban lifestyle — and the proud villagers like to keep it that way, thank you very much! :-)