Middle Village Maid

Yes, Middle Village!

It’s not much, but for many of our good people it’s everything, because Middle Village is where they live!

While most workers live in Ridgewood, after having been priced out of Greenpoint, several make their own homes in Middle Village and neighboring Maspeth.  So if you need a maid for your Middle Village home, you can be sure that she will be punctual!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been in business for practically twenty years now serving Middle Village and the rest of New York City and even Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and as fellow New Yorkers we truly treat all our customers like family.  It helps that we’re a family business!  But in the case of Middle Village, we’re also quite literally your neighbors!

And so it is that you can trust that no one else will ever take as deeply a personal interest in your complete satisfaction as we do — because they never could from the get-go.  What’s a faceless franchise or anonymous mega-conglomerate compared to a local small family concern like ours?

Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get Gotham’s Got-To Go-To℠ for quality, value, and savings on home and office cleaning.  Look to us and look no further for the housekeeping you deserve!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  “How Easy Clean Can Be!”℠


A Little About Middle Village, Queens

Quiet nondescript Middle Village is humbly tucked away in one of the most out-of-the-way areas this side of Staten Island, given the relative dearth of mass transit options throughout the neighborhood.  Yeah there are some buses that run along the couple of commercial thoroughfares available but by and large this is a rather secluded area, even by Queens standards.  And that’s just how the locals like it!

Secluded doesn’t mean anonymous, however, and Middle Villagers pride themselves on their easy accessibility to most of the necessities any reasonable healthy-livin’ and thinkin’ person could want, including spacious parkland in the geographic heart of the community, without sacrificing privacy and peace of mind.  Not only is there the almost quaint and charming occasional, isolated corner store reminiscent of small-town America, residents can quickly head over to nearby communities like Elmhurst, Ridgewood, Glendale, and Rego Park for more diverse inventories.

Yesiree, this is the village in the middle of Queens, like the quiet eye of some storm silently sitting in the midst of a flurry of activity.  And while some local leaders at times may decry being the New York equivalent of flyover country — and that’s all right, thank you kindly! — there’s a lot to be said for being a little remote and removed from the great life of the city, from all its flotsam and jetsam of commerce in exchange for a simpler, quiet, neighborly existence.

Cleaning Up Middle Village