Basic In-Home Elder Care

Posted by on September 4, 2012 in Amenities

Basic In-Home Elder Care

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to present in-home elder care and companionship to all our clients upon request.  At no additional charge, your PLCS maid will be happy to provide basic care and companionship services for your loved ones, from running errands to just lending a friendly ear — on top of her regularly scheduled household chores!

Your regularly scheduled PLCS maid can help mind medication intake, assist with physical needs, and administer most other non-critical basic elder care services during the course of normal housekeeping sessions.  This can save you a good deal of money, depending on how your elder care needs are currently arranged.  And it certainly helps with your peace of mind to know that your trusted, detail-oriented PLCS maid is at your home looking after your loved ones as well!

For beyond providing assistance with the simple tasks of daily living, your dedicated PLCS maid can also be a sympathetic source of companionship for the elderly in your family.  Our ladies range from the young to the advanced middle-aged, with vastly different personalities but united in one common goal: to give you their best.  As a women-owned small business, we like to emphasize the personal touch and constantly train our staff to always treat customers like family!

So let us know what your needs are by phone or e-mail; we will work closely with you to determine whether and how we can provide your elderly loved ones with all the care that they deserve.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been dedicated to our clients for well over fifteen years, and we feel that this particular amenity is one of the absolute most important courtesies we can provide out of all the many value-added conveniences we offer.  Please don’t hesitate to let us help you with your loved ones; choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get even more than a wonderful maid — get a conscientious companion for the elderly who truly cares!


Always review our policies before requesting any value-added amenity.