Dish Washing Help

Posted by on September 6, 2012 in Amenities

Dish Washing Help

That’s right, dish washing.  Whether loading them in the machine or doing everything by hand, your PLCS maid will have your fine china and silverware sparkling clean, just like the rest of your house or apartment!

At Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, we love to save our customers time and money.  It’s why we’ve been the industry’s price and quality leader in this area for well over fifteen years (and counting!), so we’re always looking for new ways to be ever more useful to the homes and businesses that look to us for affordable cleaning services.  Helping with the dishes is yet another value-added benefit we think our customers will enjoy having!

Like all our amenities, dish washing help is free, meaning there are no charges beyond what a maid or janitor would normally cost to perform general cleaning tasks for your home or business.  After all, he or she is already there, at your place, so why  not!  We are genuinely honored to be chosen to enter your home (or place of business, in the case of our janitors) and trusted to help maintain it for health and safety as well as appearance, and our people are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve and make an honest living.  So go ahead!  Let us take care of the dishes and silverware.  We are careful and conscientious, detail-oriented but quick, too.  How’s that possible?

Experience.  Whether it’s washing dishes or cars or the window, you can count on Polish Ladies Cleaning Service to offer more for your money — for all the quality and savings you deserve!


Be sure to review our policies before requesting any value-added amenity.