Car Cleaning Services

Posted by on September 5, 2012 in Amenities

Car Cleaning Services

Now you can have your ride cleaned right at your own home or place of business at no additional charge!  Introducing PLCS on-site car cleaning services, provided as a regular part of your regularly scheduled housekeeping or office cleaning sessions with us.  Our maids and janitors can wash your car or truck’s exterior and tidy up inside during the course of their routine work for you, as long as we can access the proper facilities for it, like a garage or other property where such tasks may be performed.

We will also need the proper equipment and supplies, or you can opt to have us bring everything necessary for a small fee ranging between fifty and eighty dollars — either way, it’s welcome savings off the car washes and interior cleaning available anywhere else!  No need to drive to the local car-wash now; our good conscientious people will wash your vehicle right on your own premises, freeing you up to do the more important or more interesting things in your life!

Your PLCS maid or janitor can easily take care of one vehicle or a even whole fleet of them during the normal course of his or her work.  We bring you this special benefit for your convenience, at no additional charge beyond the usual hourly costs of normal home or office cleaning in your area, because we understand that everyone’s strapped for time and money these days.  Having been in the business of satisfying a demanding clientele for more than fifteen years, we are especially sensitive to the various needs of our customers and try to help whenever possible.  Thus, our free on-site car cleaning services!

That’s why we’re the local area’s price and quality leader when it comes to home and office cleaning.  No one does it better than us, and no one does it all!  We’re the most efficient outfit in the business, offering all kinds of services and courtesies, like on-site car cleaning at no additional charge.  All PLCS maids and janitors are fully trained to wash and wipe down your vehicle and vacuum its interior almost as if they were mopping your floor or dusting your furniture!

So get more for your money.  Get your car cleaned at the same time as your house or office is!  Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and look no further for all the quality and savings you deserve.


Please make sure to read our policies before requesting any value-added amenity.