Massapequa Housemaids

Looking for dedicated expert housemaids for your Massapequa home?  Look to Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and look no further for Long Island’s premier provider of professional housekeeping services, in business satisfying a diverse clientele for almost two decades now!

Our housemaids are well trained and highly experienced in all the finer details of homemaking, which is why we are the only cleaning company in the area to offer amenities such as on-site laundering at no extra charge!  Yes, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service does it all, because no job is too large or too small for our capable maids.  Do you want your bedrooms and bathrooms clean and hygienic?  Does your living room need tidying up?  Can your ceiling fans and ventilation grills do with some overdue dusting?  Well, how about your car?  Yes, we clean that, too, if the facilities exist!

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PLCS: Providing Housemaids for Massapequa, New York

Only Polish Ladies Cleaning Service provides all-inclusive housekeeping as a matter of course, covering ovens, refrigerators, BBQ grills, windows and blinds — even various errands, where possible!  Yes, our housemaids have been helping Massapequa homes not only stay clean but also take care of small matters like dog-walking and basic elder care.  In Europe, the maid is entrusted not only with sweeping and mopping but all kinds of duties.  Let Polish Ladies Cleaning Service bring you these Old World conveniences so you can attend to more important things!

All of our housemaids are carefully vetted and thoroughly trained for your peace of mind and satisfaction.  Like no other company anywhere online or off, we take your good opinion of our work personally because we’re a small family-owned and operated business — now in its second generation!  It matters deeply to us, too, who you let into your home, which is why all employees are subject to the stringent background checks of Angie’s List.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been hired by churches on Long Island and governmental bodies like the NYPD and the MTA in New York City because of trust, so you can rest assured that only the best people in the business will also be available to work for you!

Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get “Park Avenue quality at Main Street prices.”℠  Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service — because you deserve better housekeeping.


A Little About The Massapequas, Nassau County

That’s right, “The Massapequas” — there’s more than one: North Massapequa, East Massapequa, Massapequa Park…and, of course, Massapequa proper.  In-person, whether strolling or (more likely; this is Long Island) driving around, you probably wouldn’t notice much of a difference, but as with many places throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties, there’s a cardinal distinction — pun intended — to be made!  But for all the local pride, they are all subsumed within a much larger municipality, just like other communities on Long Island, in this case that of the Town of Oyster Bay.

Massapequa is reportedly named after the Marsapeague tribe of indigenous people, though others believe the word is just a geographic term for swamps in the natives’ Algonquin language.  Indeed, the hamlet hosts Fort Massapeag, a National Historic Landmark, though most residents have never heard of it.  Massapequa Park is a village probably most famous for being where the Nassau County Police Academy is located.

East Massapequa has the curious distinction of being served by three different school districts, including that of Amityville, over the border in Suffolk County.  This latter situation arose entirely by historical happenstance: long ago, back when Long Island was still mostly rural, parts of East Massapequa and even Massapequa itself actually lay in Suffolk County.  When the county lines were redrawn, East Massapequa was basically forgotten about, seeing how it was mainly marshland anyway at the time.  Later on, as the area developed, it turned out that those kids residing east of Carmen’s Road (but north of Southern State Parkway) were still officially covered by the Amityville school district!

Even more curious, North Massqpequa is a quiet residential hamlet that happens to be served by three different zip codes — “Massapequa, NY 11758,” “Farmingdale, NY 11735,” and “Seaford, NY 117873” — despite being one of those areas on Long Island that doesn’t actually have its own name on its mailing address!  There is no “North Massapequa, NY” as far as the post office is concerned.

But no matter where in The Massapequas you reside, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will be able to get to you just fine to clean for you. :-)