Five Towns Housekeeping Service

Hey Five Towns (hello, Lawrence; good day, Cedarhurst; how’s it going, Woodmere; what’s doin’, Woodsburgh…) — need some reliable housekeepers for your cape or colonial?  Then look to Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and look no further for the quality and savings you deserve on expert professionals who know what they’re doing!

You work hard to live in the Five Towns area, and you need someone who takes care to treat your property with the necessary respect.  As a local family-owned and operated small business, no one will take a deeper personal interest in your complete satisfaction than Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!  Housekeeping isn’t easy, but not simply because it’s hard work but also because it does require attention to detail and the proper experience.  Which is why it’s true what they say, that “if you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait ’til you get an amateur!”

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service only hires the best of the best; not everyone is qualified to work for the great clientele we have developed over eighteen years in business throughout New York City and Long Island.  Our Five Towns customers are some of the greatest people anyone could wish to ever serve, generous and gracious, appreciative and understanding — and we make it our business to see to it that they get the royal treatment they deserve!

Don’t engage just anyone off Craig’s List for your housekeeping needs.  Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get the Five Towns’ got-to go-to expert maids!  We specialize in providing traditional European maid services, meaning we do anything and everything from laundry to running errands, all with an Old Country work ethic that translates into dependability and trustworthiness.

Go ahead, ask around: chances are, we’re already cleaning for your neighbors!  And we’ve been doing it for almost two decades now.  That’s because the cleaning business isn’t just about dust and dirt, but about trust above all.  We clean churches, governmental facilities, apartment buildings, retail stores, anywhere and everywhere requiring expert care by people of good character.  Contact us today for the royal treatment yourself tomorrow!


A Little About The Five Towns, Nassau County

Just like much of Long Island, “The Five Towns” is rather the misnomer — there aren’t actually just five communities, none of them are even towns, and different folks have different ideas about which ones properly belong here!

Moreover, it’s not really an official term, though popular adoption through the decades has lent the designation widespread legitimacy.  According to most opinions, the Five Towns area is held to consist of Lawrence, Cedarhurst, Inwood, Woodsburgh, and Woodmere (and some include North Woodmere, but this is technically a part of adjacent Valley Stream) — plus all “The Hewletts” of Hewlett Neck, Hewlett Harbor, Hewlett Bay Park, Woodsburgh (yes, this village is a part of The Hewletts, too; welcome to Long Island, where appellations run amok and taxonomy is a muck!), and naturally enough Hewlett itself — but the original Five Towns only comprised Lawrence, Cedarhurst, Woodmere, Inwood, and Hewlett, when certain civic-minded residents of which communities came together to conduct charitable fund-raising under just this very term of “Five Towns.”  As neighboring districts joined in the philanthropy, the label just became more widely applied…a bit like how now everyone is an “American!” ;-)

And rightly so at that, of course. :-)  So anyway, this is how the name came about.  So what about the place itself?  Well, it’s wealthy and heavily Jewish and Orthodox at that.  The schools are great.  But aside from some parks and strip malls, there isn’t too much here for a non-resident.  While served by the Long Island Rail Road, the Five Towns, so-called, lie along the end of a rather little-used branch, the Far Rockaway Branch.  It’s a bedroom community, after all: think families, families, families.  In fact, this area resembles the quiet bucolic North Shore of Long Island much more than its generally urbanized South Shore fellows.  And that’s just how locals want it!


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