New Hyde Park House Cleaning

Finding affordable house cleaning in New Hyde Park just got easier, thanks to Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!

As the original Polish maid service of New York City and Long Island,℠ we are proud to expand full coverage to the residents of New Hyde Park, Nassau County.  That means unbelievable value for your money: “compare our quality to the freelancers, then compare our rates to the franchises!”℠

PLCS: Providing Housemaids for New Hyde Park, New York

We have a proud track record that spans almost two decades — not bad for a small family-owned and operated business!  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been able to maintain a wide-ranging clientele happy thanks to our quality cleaning women who are trained to Old World standards of dedication.  Only the most experienced maids make the cut here, ladies who want to work as housekeepers, women who are looking for a good home to take care of.  We hire a third-party company to thoroughly vet our people for your peace of mind, and we pay for insurance coverage, too.  Yet we’re still able to hold down our prices because we are a small family business that doesn’t have to worry about quarterly earnings and shareholder opinions!

The only opinion we care about is yours, which is why all work is completely guaranteed!  After all this time, we still remember that our customers are the reason why we are such a local success story.  “Thank you for choosing Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!”

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  The housekeepers you trust.


A Little About Greater New Hyde Park, Nassau County

The first thing any respectable introduction to New Hyde Park ought to establish is the ticklish fact that there are both incorporated and unincorporated areas to this place — all of which may be said to constitute a “Greater New Hyde Park” (oh no, cue the martial music!) region.  Furthermore, it’s a village, you see, New Hyde Park proper is, and it actually lies within the Towns — plural, mind you! — of Hempstead and North Hempstead both, being one of their many constituent communities.  There are even some small portions that lay within Queens County, New York City!  (Long Island’s really weird like that.)  But adjacent areas that are unincorporated have somehow been subsumed (by the post office [they all share the 11040 ZIP code], for example, or slightly creative realtors) by the overall “New Hyde Park” label.

“But that’s not all!” as they say on late-night TV infomercials: there’s an area that, while unincorporated, is still given official recognition in the form of being a Census-Designated Place, or CDP, by the federal government and called North New Hyde Park!  Which, incidentally, is a part of the Town of North Hempstead.  And which, it should be noted, is known by its residents as simply “New Hyde Park!”  (Not to worry: Polish Ladies Cleaning Service will find you and arrive on-time as scheduled, no matter what any maps say. :-) )

Anyway, on to New Hyde Park proper: this is one of the more easily affordable locales, ideal for those just starting out, given the many small Cape Cods (no apartment complexes, thank you very much) that line the village’s nearly square mile of moderately tree-lined streets.  There’s an active civic life, with annual events like a street fair as well as, in a nice symmetrical touch, clean-up day (!) — an it’s no wonder, given that most residents are long-term, with one whose family first settled in Postbellum days!!

Local schools test well, if that’s important to you, and, speaking of kids, two parks at opposite ends of the village provide playgrounds and ball fields.  Plus, Long Island Jewish Hospital and its Schneider Children’s Hospital are right next door in the unincorporated area of New Hyde Park.  Then there’s the Long Island Rail Road, which provides a fast commute to the city center on most days.  For commercial activities closer to home, there’s the Jericho Turnpike, the main thoroughfare.  A little of just about most things…you can’t get more typically Long Island than this!  “A Great Place to Live” (the official village motto) indeed!