Unhappy with Homejoy?

Unhappy with Homejoy?

But of course you are!

What do you expect from an overnight startup that thinks it can just hire homeless people off the streets and invite them into your home for you?

Of course, homeless folks deserve society’s support and they need help — and it’s good that companies make an effort to employ them…except…when the motive isn’t to help them but exploit them.  And you!

Homejoy’s Homeless Problem

Free-market wet-dreamers and libertarians might shrug, but unless the motivations are right, it’s almost certain that the end results won’t be.  After all, do you get apples from an orange tree?  Likewise, for Homejoy to hire homeless people to work in customers’ homes, that most intimate of places, or at customers’ businesses, that most important of places, without their knowledge and thereby tacit consent is really just immoral.

Also immoral would be for Homejoy or its supporters to claim that these homeless folks “at least have a job” when that “job” is nothing but exploitation pure and simple, offloading practically all of the costs of doing business onto their “independent contractors” — and their customers!

But that’s what all these companies do these days, like Handy (formerly Handybook) — welcome to the brave new world of Business 3.0, where, hey, “whatever’s clever” goes.   “One size fits all.”  “Anyone will do.”

It’s So Sad

But cleaning isn’t a simple commodity service.  It’s not exactly skilled labor, but it does take people who you can trust — trust to do a good job, trust to be on time, trust to not damage or steal your property…it’s about trust most of all.  In other words, it’s about people.  Good solid maids and janitors.  And, again, while not exactly skilled labor, it does take a certain sensibility, quite some experience, and the right personality to do such a hard job for relatively modest wages.

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That’s because we’re Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and we have a sterling reputation to maintain!

Don’t be fooled by all the techno-speak all so au courant these days.  Home and office cleaning is a very hands-on business, not something to be arranged over smartphone apps.  Leave the geeks to their gadgets and let the hard-working women and men of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service deal with the dirty job of real home and office cleaning!

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