Sutton Place Home Makeover

Detailed deep cleaning is a vital part of any Sutton Place home makeover, and the expert professionals of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service are New York’s got-to go-to maids when it comes to reliability and trust.  Our maids will make your home over like no other cleaning women can — because we are the original Polish housekeepers of the metropolitan area!

Polish maids have long secured a stellar reputation for industry, expertise, and trustworthiness.  Your PLCS housekeeper is an expert home makeover artist, highly qualified and well experienced to serve in the very best of Sutton Place homes.  And as the same family-owned and operated small business that we’ve always been, you can be sure that no one will take your complete satisfaction as personally as we do!

PLCS: Genuine Sutton Place Maids

Not everyone is up to the task of serving the fine homes found in New York’s upscale Sutton Place neighborhood.  We’ve been at it for over two decades now and people know many of our ladies by name.  In our second generation of leadership, we have faithfully served leading local households up to the third generation, so esteemed are our people.  They are traditional Polish women and they make all the difference when it comes to making over upscale residences throughout the city and Long Island.

You can’t have a proper makeover without a proper cleanup to take care of all the dust and debris that results from renovation.  And our ladies are such skilled housekeepers that your home will get a virtual makeover just from the cleaning and organizing that they do!

Yes, get a practical home makeover simply but having an expert Polish Ladies Cleaning Service maid clean and tidy up, sorting things and putting them away: we anything and everything necessary, such as the laundry, so that your place is at the most hygienic and presentable it can be.  See for yourself!  Contact us now.


A Little About Sutton Place, Manhattan

Sutton Place is a very small little neighborhood just south of the world-famous Queensboro Bridge (now officially the Ed Koch Bridge), defined mostly by a quiet namesake thoroughfare that runs six or so blocks before becoming better-known York Avenue.  The local city park, Sutton Place Park, is actually five separate little discontinguous parks — known as vest-pocket parks — three of which were created by the city in compensation of the loss of private backyard space as a consequence of building the FDR.

Named after a nineteenth-century prospector who struck gold in California and then built luxury brownstones in the area, today’s Sutton Place remains the upscale neighborhood it was originally envisioned to be.  Several townhouses echo this history, though the major architectural feature here are postwar residential skyscrapers; also reflective are the many VIPs that make home here: distinguished architect I.M. Pei, former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, fashion designer Kenneth Cole, award-winning actress Sigourney Weaver (former residents include Lillian Gish, Aristotle Onassis, Michael Jackson, Joan Crawford, Percy Sutton [no relation to the area’s founding real estate developer], Arthur Miller, and Marilynn Monroe).