West Village Home Makeover Artists

The West Village is known for its arts — which is why we are the cleaners of choice for the West Village and all New York City and Long Island!

Our maids are home-makeover artists whose cleaning expertise will have your place looking like something entirely different.  See for yourself how beautiful we can make your home all over again, restoring it to its safe and sanitary best, free of clutter and grime, looking like new!  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has been doing this for almost twenty years, and our good people have the experience and qualifications to do the job right, right away, the first time around!

Don’t settle for amateurs unless you want to pay more in the long run.  Let our well-trained professionals take care of the housekeeping, Making Your West Village Home Look Its West Village best!℠


A Little About the West Village, Manhattan

The first thing to know about the West Village is that, taxonomy-wise, it’s a bit like Long Island, where neighborhood boundaries are in flux and a matter of some dispute, no matter what the official designations say.  Thus, while many locals (not to mention the realtors, oftentimes the real culprits behind such controversial classifications!) consider the West Village a unique section of the city with its own identity, others just think it’s the west/northwestern part of Greenwich Village.  Still others think just the opposite, that Greenwich Village is just a part of the West Village, contrasting and, more to the point, complementing the East Village.  And then there are even those who use the moniker of “Far West Village” for the area’s waterfront sections!

To an outsider, certainly, it almost doesn’t matter as all these “villages” have a long tradition of bohemian je ne sais quoi that continues to make them attractive.  Most fittingly, then, the streets here tend to be confusing — they are set “off the grid” at various angles because West Village thoroughfares rank among the oldest in all Gotham and were laid, pell-mell as needed, well before the standardization of more modern times.

So ditch all nomenclature along with your watch and, channeling the area’s old free-spirited vibe, just take a stroll and enjoy whatever happens, whenever and wherever it does.  Take it easy.  You’re on East Street now!