Whitestone Home Maid

Live in Whitestone?  Then you need a home maid.  Need a home maid?  Then you need Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, the original Polish maid service of New York City and Long Island℠ — with eighteen years in business…and counting!

PLCS: Whitestone’s Home Maids

Being a homeowner in Whitestone means enjoying peace and quiet and in many cases some really spectacular views of the water.  But this is most comfortably done from within a clean home, which means Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, a small women-owned company that takes pride in providing a truly personal touch.  After all, it’s all about trust in this business, and no one is more trustworthy than our dedicated expert housekeepers who know clean from merely presentable!

Residential properties here rank among the most desirable anywhere in the metropolitan area, and only we know how to provide the kind of premier cleaning that they deserve.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service specializes in traditional European-style housekeeping goes beyond dusting, mopping, sweeping, scrubbing, or wiping: we run errands, and can even help provide some basic elder care and companionship.  When we say that no job is too large or small for our capable folks, we mean it literally!

In addition to common housekeeping tasks from cleaning windows and blinds to ovens and refrigerators, our people are ready to do the laundry, the dishes — even car-cleaning and washing, where facilities exist…even dog-walking!  Just like they do in the Old Country, where household staff may expect to undertake almost any assignment.

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A Little About Whitestone, Queens

Tudors, ranches, colonials, and Capes — even the occasional McMansion that was built before the community successfully pushed for tougher zoning laws…even whole complexes of apartment buildings: Whitestone’s got them all, though thankfully it’s of mostly the former categories.  Residents tend to be long-timers here, many having grown up in the neighborhood and rearing a new generation themselves.

The Whitestone of today is both little-changed and drastically different; while ample arbor still line its streets, large numbers of Chinese and Korean people have joined the established Italian and Greek in calling the place home, and local businesses reflect this in their offerings, from ethnic restaurants to corporate headquarters.

Like much of New York City and Long Island, the community is in turn made up of even smaller locales: Malba, where streets were privately owned until only the 1980s; Malba Gardens; Whitestone Woods; Robinswood; and Beechhurst, with its high-rise co-ops overlooking shorefront views.  There’s even a section called Whitestone.  In Whitestone, yes.  This is fittingly situated at the geographical heart of the neighborhood and constitutes its busiest section.  Often quaintly referred to by long-time locals as “town,” as in “going to town,” this is where practically all the commercial activity takes place, shared between two shopping centers and various moms-and-pops, all with unmetered parking.