Flushing Home Cleaning Help

You live in Flushing and you need help cleaning your home.  Who do you call?

Not the franchises, of course.  Nor the mega-corporations that also don’t care.  No — choose the expert professionals at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get all the quality and savings savvy Flushing homes deserve on good old-fashioned housekeeping!

No one does it better than us, and no one cares like we do.  That’s because we are one of the few family-owned and operated business in this industry, eighteen years and counting serving all of New York City and Long Island with dedicated maids and janitors.  This means that we not only care deeply about your complete satisfaction, taking a deeply personal interest like no one else, but we actually have the long-standing track record to prove it!

Our wide and diverse clientele includes artists, writers, computer programmers, retired teachers and law enforcement officers, nurses, construction workers, models, socialites, filmmakers, retailers, restauranteurs, offices, warehouses, schools, churches, government institutions, and other non-profit organizations.  We have the expertise to do it all, and we do it all affordably!

Get help around your Flushing home today by getting the best in the business locally: Polish Ladies Cleaning Service: We Know Cleaning — and We Know Flushing.”℠

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  It’s How New York Homes Stay Well-Kept.℠


A Little About Flushing, Queens

Probably the single most diverse neighborhood in the borough if not the city, country, and even the entire world, Flushing residents hail from just about every place imaginable.  This is particularly fitting giving the neighborhood’s origins as an extraordinarily tolerant settlement, widely recognized as the birthplace of religious freedom in the New World.  The tradition of live-and-let-live lives on today in the Flushing of Chinese, Koreans, Jews, Indians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Irish, Italians, Colombians, Mexicans, and many, many others.  Indeed, it was the newcomers who reversed the social decline produced by White Flight and turned the area into one of Queens County’s most economically dynamic districts.

Gastronomically, too — especially for those with a yen for Asian flavors!  East Asian cuisines, particularly Chinese and Korean, predominate in so-called “Downtown” Flushing (around the Main Street-Roosevelt Avenue nexus) while further south (towards the Queens Botanical Garden) South Asian fare abound.  It’s all very inexpensive but nourishing, heaping working man’s servings at generally affordable prices despite the often haute cuisine experience!

Too bad the same can’t be said about Flushing rents: property values just keep rising, and developers even build hotels as the neighborhood becomes an international tourist destination (though being right by LaGuardia Airport also helps, despite it serving only domestic flights) — hmmm…kinda reminds us of the traditional Chinese parable about an old man and his horse!

Cleaning Up After the Party!