Howard Beach Home Cleaners

Because of our expertise, professionalism, and deep personal roots in the area, the maids of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service have proudly become the premier home cleaners in all of Howard Beach, New York.  Many of us have family in this Queens neighborhood by the bay or even live here ourselves!  That’s why through the years, locals have come to look to us for help around the house before an important event like weddings, christenings, and other celebrations.  Word gets around, and the next thing you know, we’re as Howard Beach as Jamaica Bay!

PLCS: Expert Howard Beach Home Cleaners

Many of the most luxurious Howard Beach homes are located right by the water and can require different approaches to clean properly.  Most obviously, some have their own berths!  (Yes, we are even called upon to clean outside the home, cleaning its out-of-doors property — we do anything and everything!)  Then there are the basements which are subject to flooding and may be damp and moldy.  But of course, as a small family-owned business we are happy to help out our fellow New Yorkers any way we can!

It’s this personal touch, this level of personal concern, that distinguishes Polish Ladies Cleaning Service from any other cleaning company out there, and it’s why we’ve been trusted by homes and businesses, as well as churches and governmental agencies, with creating and maintaining a safe, hygienic, tidy, and beautifully presentable environment on their premises for almost two decades now.  No other company combines expert professionals with affordability like us because we’re not a franchise but not just freelancers, either — we offer the best of both worlds for a true win-win situation!  You can contact us for your own free no-obligation on-site estimate to discover first-hand why we’re New York’s hometown maids!


A Little About Howard Beach, Queens

Like many places with a name in its name, Howard Beach was named after someone — one William J. Howard, a glove manufacturer who operated a farm to provide one of the raw materials for his products.  In time, he came to acquire more and more land, expanding from his initial plot, going into the real estate development business, building homes and even laying down infrastructure like water and gas lines.  By then, the area was serviced by a railroad station and a post office, literally putting it on the map.  Still, things didn’t really heat up until the postwar boom, and even today it can feel practically suburban on many streets, particularly by the water.  In fact, Jamaica Bay, site of a national wildlife refuge and recreational area for water sports and activities, is the main attraction for many here, providing easy access to boating and fishing — year-round, even.  Feeling seasick?  A pedestrian and bicycle path, or greenway, has been just completed along the Belt Parkway highway that traces the water’s edge, perfect for exercise, picnics, or the solitude of nature.  World-famous JFK Airport is also nearby, as is the Aqueduct Racetrack and casino if you’d like to try your luck.

Foodie Alert: As an overwhelmingly Italian and Italian-American area, there is quite a lot of fine dining to be found here!  But Howard Beach is settling into the 21st Century with a little more diversity in its demographics, and this is correlated with more varied housing stock — upscale apartment buildings are available now that feature luxuries such as concierge service.  Indeed, many kinds of housing options exist: single and double-family homes, attached, semi-attached, and detached; townhouses, walk-up tenements — even genuine beach bungalows.  There’s something here for just about any middle-class budget.  This is in large part because Howard Beach is itself comprised of somewhat different areas that are recognized by locals as neighborhoods in their own right: Lindenwood, Rockwood Park, Spring Park…even a couple known as Old Howard Beach and New Howard Beach!

But for all that, most people here were born and raised here, often still living in the same house.  Especially along the coast, homes tend to remain in the same family for generations.  Interestingly, of those units which do sell, a sizable percentage go on to be demolished by their new owners — in order to make way for larger new ones!  Yesirree, Howard Beach is a pretty unique area of the city.  In short, it’s a nice quiet residential community that’s set apart from many others by the mix of features and amenities offered — not the least of which is Polish Ladies Cleaning Service! ;-)