Oyster Bay Home Cleaner

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has long been honored with caring for only the finest estates in Oyster Bay, New York.  We are very proud to be the home cleaners of choice in one of the absolute best places to “live, work, and play” (the town slogan) on all of Long Island!

A small mother and daughter-owned company that’s been working hard for almost twenty years keeping Oyster Bay clean, tidy, and hygienic, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service offers all-inclusive household management support: not only are your ovens and refrigerators covered, but windows and blinds, floors and ceilings, dishes and the trash are as well — and we will even wash your cars and clean their interiors.  We also provide dog-walking at no extra charge!  Our maids run errands, provide companionship to the elderly…anything and everything a maid traditionally would have done in the great houses of Europe, we provide as a matter of course.  This is why we are “the different maid service.”

PLCS: Oyster Bay’s Premier Home Cleaners

Our clients are wide-ranging and diverse in their demands, but after almost two decades in this business we have acquired the first-hand know-how to satisfy any need.  Just ask around: chances are, we’re already serving at an address nearby!

That’s because Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is Oyster Bay: we help maintain the upkeep of so many of this community’s fine homes that we’re seriously thinking about relocating our operational headquarters here.  Complimentary word-of-mouth has made us the most popular source for a dedicated home cleaner in town, and it’s no wonder: our women taking cleaning seriously, and will even get on their hands and knees to get the job done right — right away!  Yet, quick as we are, we are very careful with our clients’ belongings and have a perfect track record when it comes to safely handling heirlooms and other valuables.  After all, trust is why we are the preferred maid service for homes, businesses, and churches and governmental offices throughout New York City and Long Island, and it’s why we’ve long been the premier provider of home cleaning in Oyster Bay.

Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and look no further for the quality and peace of mind you deserve.


A Little About Oyster Bay, Nassau County

Long Island is a very strange place where administrative districts are concerned.  There are towns and villages, and then there are unincorporated areas like hamlets and CDPs, or Census Designated Places.  And that’s how the name “Oyster Bay” can refer to either the Town of Oyster Bay or the Hamlet of Oyster Bay.  Incidentally, there’s also a Village of Oyster Bay Cove within town limits.

You can forget about appealing to the Postal Service for an arbiter: while covered by twenty local offices, each of which bears the name of the community served, service areas and actual political boundaries are usually different.  But because all of Nassau County is so (over?) developed, it doesn’t matter as far as getting around, uh, goes (no pun intended): sleepy bucolic streets easily fade into vibrant commercial thoroughfares and back again, town after town (or hamlet or village or CDP).

But because it borders considerably rural Suffolk County, the Town of Oyster Bay can often seem downright agrarian itself.  Indeed, according to the 2000 US Census, it’s even exchanged territory with neighboring Babylon — and gained a part of Huntington!

Which is all by way of stating that Oyster Bay is so large that it’s fittingly diverse.  There are insular communities along the famed North Shore that recall small-town America even as suburban sprawl makes life convenient for the many more urban municipalities within its jurisdiction.

It is this variety secures the town’s economic future.  Its fame, however, lies in the past — as the home of former Governor and President Theodore Roosevelt.  No mere boyhood home, Sagamore Hill in the Village of Cove Neck, Town of Oyster Bay, was so beloved that Teddy used it as his Summer White House, his working retreat to escape the oppressive heat of Washington, D.C., and the estate remained his home to the end of his years.  A National Historic Site, the grounds now house a museum dedicated to the Twenty-Sixth President and indisputably Oyster Bay’s most important resident ever.

Sagamore Hill