Unhappy with Handybook?

Handybook promises low-cost expert cleaning and even handyman services.  But how closely does the reality match the company’s advertising hype?

Not happy with Handybook?  We don’t blame ya: as New York City and Long Island’s original expert housekeepers, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to.  Why trust the new kid on the block when you have over eighteen years of experience — and counting! — to rely on for all your housekeeping needs?

Didn’t Like Handybook?

We’re not surprised.  After all, what do you expect from a company applying a startup business model adopted from the tech world?

The cleaning business is all about people — about the workers.  We’re talking about people who enter homes, that most intimate of spaces, or enter workplaces, that most important of spaces.  So in the cleaning business, “one-size-fits-all” just won’t do.  Because not just “anyone-will-do!”

That’s why you need Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  We have a proven track record of over nineteen years now — and counting! — serving New York City and Long Island homes, businesses, and institutions like the Catholic Church, the MTA, the NYPD…you name it, and we likely clean there already!

Why are we Gotham’s got-to go-to for all things cleaning related?  Our people, of course!

They’re the best in the business, and we do our honest-to-Goodness very best at compensating them fairly and even generously.  Because people aren’t widgets, and cleaning companies aren’t either, you need Polish Ladies Cleaning Service to work your home, office, or warehouse and help ensure that it will be its most sanitary, organized, and presentable best!

It’s the People, Stupid

Handybook, on the other hand, treats its people like widgets, cogs in the machine, pieces of code that can be cut-n-pasted as necessary.  Hell, they don’t even provide their employees with company equipment but make them use their own!  (Just click on that link above and read all about it.)

Ever heard of the KISS Principle?  Well, the cleaning-business equivalent would be “it’s the people, stupid”…which is why treating people well are so important.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is a real cleaning company, not some overnight startup that decides to corral some random folks together in a bid to maximize profits for their venture capital funders.

You see, our primary is to continue providing premier maid services in the European tradition, while theirs is to make the most money to return as quickly as possible to their multi-million-dollar venture capital partners.

Who would you rather invite into your home or place of work to clean — a real mom-n-pop cleaning company with almost two decades locally or an overnight startup focused on making millions for their financial backers?

Choose the best and forget the rest.  Why waste time with overnight startups when you could get started yourself on professional home and office cleaning services, rendered expertly by Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, proudly family-owned and operated for nineteen years…and counting!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  Just The Better Maid Service.℠