Unhappy with Handy?

Unhappy with Handy (formerly Handybook)?  We’re not surprised.  The company bills itself as a “platform” the same way Uber does — and what this means for your home or workplace is that you’re on your own.  You use Handy at your own risk!

This despite twenty-five million American dollars in venture capital funding backing it up, while Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is “just” a local family-owned small business…with a proven track record of over nineteen years now serving New York City and Long Island homes, offices, and industrial facilities.  Hmm — which should you choose?

PLCS vs. Handy: It’s Hands-Down Clear!

The decision is hands-down easy to make.  For when it comes to an intimate space like your home or an important one like your place of business, you want a company that stands behind the work of its workers.  Handy’s business model is basically that of Uber’s, where they make the money and leave it to their “independent contractors” and customers to sort out any issues.  And because cleaning services are really not a commodity, where one-size-fits-all and anyone-will-do (do you really want just anyone to come into your home or business??), it’s critically important that you choose only the best — us!

We count many, many esteemed people, businesses, and institutions among our highly select clientele, folks who appreciate good folks doing good work at good prices.  Read that again.  Folks who appreciate good people doing good work at good prices.  Meaning we don’t promise the absolute lowest prices as determined by numbers alone (because we’re not interested in a race to the bottom where everyone is worse off), we don’t try to rush through your place (since a flat fee has been paid and it’s just a matter of minimizing the time involved working), and we stand behind our people and their work.

You see, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has deliberately remained small all these years precisely in order to control quality.  Because we’re not interested in maximizing profit — we really want you to be happy, you our customers…it’s an alien mindset these days but one we’ve proudly carried all the way from Poland almost two decades ago, traditional maid services where anything and everything is done in order to turn out a home or office at its most beautiful, hygienic, organized, clean, and sanitary and presentable best!

Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and choose a good old-fashioned mom-n-pop shop that treats its workers with respect and treasures its customers like gold.  Our focus is not on making the most money for venture capital funders but on providing premier housekeeping services at affordable prices to people who need a quality job — done right the first time!