Green Cleaning

Posted by on September 8, 2012 in Amenities

Green Cleaning

Better for your health and our planet!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to provide certified green cleaning services for New York City and Long Island that are reliable, thorough — and affordable!

Green cleaning is available upon request for an additional fifty-five dollars per session to cover the cost of environmentally friendly supplies.  But the special methodologies our people employ are yours to enjoy free of charge!

Breathe easier without phony perfumes thanks to green cleaning products that are safe for people and pets.  Feel better with scientifically sound techniques that kill germs and remove grime the organic way!  All Polish Ladies Cleaning Service maids and janitors are trained in all the latest best practices as recognized by industry and government.  With the right tools, we can bring that expertise to your home or workplace!


Always review our policies before requesting any value-added amenity.