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Too cold out?  (Too hot?)

Too busy with other matters?

Not to worry: our free dog-walking service was created to provide a safe, reliable, and professional alternative for our clients and their dogs.  There is no additional fee involved and no limit to the amount of time we will walk your dog!  If you have a specific route you would like us to take with your dog, just let us know.  Simple!

A Polish Ladies Cleaning Service maid will walk your dog exactly as you instruct, whether it’s cleaning up after your pet or taking your pet to meet others at the local park.  It’s just another way we help you make the most of your day by making the most of our time working for you!

We’re really proud to be the only  cleaning company that offers a free dog-walking service to its clients.  We will take good care of your dogs, being big animal lovers ourselves, and we will bring the same dedication to this task that you’ve come to expect of us when performing other household duties.  And because you would be paying by the hour anyway, it can work out cheaper for you than hiring a separate dog-walking service!

At least on those days you are scheduled for cleaning, you can save money by having your dog taken out for a walk then.  Or just give yourself a break from having to clean up after your pets all the time!  Whatever it is, just let us know and we’ll get it done for you.  Whether it’s our free dog-walking service or anything else we offer, everything’s up to you!

Sure, dog-walking isn’t our core business and only a modest amenity besides.  But it’s just one more courtesy we like to extend to our clients, many of whom we’ve noticed are very busy and could use all the help they can get with regards to all kinds of household chores!  So feel free to consider having us take Fido off your hands for an hour or two whenever we come.  We’d love to!  And we’ll even groom your pets, too, if you’d like, just as you direct.  After all, the maid is there to help you!

PLCS: It’s Polish for free dog-walking services!℠


As always, kindly review our policies before availing yourself of our value-added amenities.