Our Value-Added Amenities

Your PLCS maid really does do it all: on top of general housekeeping duties, she can also handle the laundry, help with the dishes, plus provide basic elder care — and even dog-walking services!  The same goes for the men of our janitorial systems division, if your office or other institution requires such amenities.  Choose us for all your home or business cleaning needs and get more for your money — get all the quality and courtesies you and yours deserve!

Our value-added amenities are not just entirely free of charge but just as good as any comparable “standalone” service you’d normally pay separately for.  Except for the cost of supplies if you don’t have your own, such as in the case of green cleaning or on-site car cleaning, you get additional work done for the price of a general housekeeping service!

In fact, that’s what we mean by “all-inclusive housekeeping,” the idea that your PLCS maid or janitor is there to help you get things done, no matter the task!  Aside from post-construction cleanup, where increased rates apply given the vastly different circumstances involved, there is practically no cleaning task that could cost you extra.  It’s why we’ve been the quality and value leader for New York City and Long Island these past seventeen years — and counting!

Having been in business for so long, we’ve come to appreciate the many needs of our customers that go beyond strict housekeeping tasks.  We’ve noticed how increasingly strapped for time and money people have become, and we’re very pleased to step in where we can.  No other home and office cleaning company offers amenities like Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  You’ll never hear “not my job” from us!  As long as we’re able to, we’ll do what we can to earn (and keep!) your complete satisfaction.  And so we offer free benefits that help save our customers time and money.

Some of these amenities aren’t even available from any other cleaning company at all, so avail yourself of all the many perks of being our valued customer!  We’ll always try to accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities.  While not an intrinsic aspect of our core services, the many amenities we provide constitute one of the most frequently cited reasons why prospective clients have been referred to us.  See for yourself what all the excitement is about!  From environmentally friendly cleaning methods to restoring your BBQ grill for your next cookout, we love to help around the house or office — just let us know how.


Always review our policies before requesting any value-added amenity.