Unhappy with Exec?

Looking for an honest Exec review?  Well, here it is, and we should know; we’re New York City and Long Island’s premier housekeepers, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service!

Our reviews of our competitors aren’t biased because we’re not competing for the same market as they are.  For well over eighteen years now, we’ve been providing premium maid services to only the finest addresses in Gotham and surrounding communities east thereof; we’re not interested in a race to the bottom, a price-war — and so we gladly leave the coupon-clipper crowd to them!

Yes, part of running any business, never mind a successful cleaning company, is knowing who the desired customers are.  While we are friendly and welcome anyone’s business, we are also realistic and honest enough to say that our highly experienced expert professionals are most appropriate to those that appreciate quality.

PLCS Reviews Exec

If your Exec experience has been less than you were lead to believe it should have been, there’s a reason for that.  And the reason is, you were really looking for something that only we provide instead!

We’ve been proudly family-owned and operated all this time because we aim to stay small in order to best serve you.  There is no sacrificing quality when trying to scale for quantity and profits, and we’d rather make our money the honest way, providing exceptional service instead of using the one-size-fits-all approach!

It’s precisely this “any widget will do” mentality that has Exec “joining forces,” as they now proclaim, with Handybook (AKA Handy now) — because with most cleaning companies, it’s really all the same.  You only ever get Tweedledee or Tweedledum!

No so with us.  Check out our reviews!  Chances are, we’re already serving a home or business near you.

We’re “The Different Maid Service”℠ — “The Better Maid Service.”℠  We’re the women and men of Polish Ladies Cleaning Service: well-trained, thoroughly qualified maids and janitors whose expertise and overall professionalism commands demand in a crowded marketplace of wannabes and fly-by-nights.  You’re better than that!  And you deserve better housekeeping than that.

Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get it done right, right away — the first time around!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  Because You Deserve Better Housekeeping.