Levittown European Maid Service

“European maid service levittown ny” is one of the most contested keywords in this business for — you guessed it — old-fashioned housekeeping in Levittown, New York (and surrounding areas, for that matter).  Yet very few cleaning companies actually go out there!  And there’s only one that provides a genuine European maid service: Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, the original Polish maid service of New York City and Long Island,℠ serving all five boroughs as well as Nassau and Suffolk counties!

PLCS: A Genuine European Maid Service for Levittown

When you’re looking for an Old World European maid service, one that practices the same time-honored traditions of housekeeping they do in the Old Country, look to Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and look no further for all the quality and expertise you and your home deserve.  Levittown, New York was the epitome of suburban living, a place that will be forever remembered by history as representative of American democratic social mobility and the newly arrived middle-class.  Homes with lawns, some with garages and driveways, often furnished with kitchen appliances and other modern conveniences, were incredible miracles to a generation that grew up through The Great Depression and fought out The Second World War, and no other community was so inextricably identified with such achievements of American civilization than the development tracts that comprised Levittown in Nassau County.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to offer our fellow New Yorkers something Old World to complement their New World dreams!

As a family-owned and operated local small business, we get where you’re coming from.  You have an eye on the future while your heart rests in the past — good old-fashioned values like thrift and hard work.  That’s our ethos, too, and why we offer honest value and honest savings.  Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service for the kind of housekeeping that only luxury residences used to receive!  Just like how Levittown put the dream of home ownership and open space within the hands of many, so too do we offer “Park Avenue quality at Main Street prices.“℠  Our all-inclusive house cleaning covers everything from windows and blinds (both inside and out!) to ovens, refrigerators, and BBQ grills; even your laundry — and even your car! — if the facilities are available: just take a look at our services and value-added amenities to see what you get at no extra charge!


A Little About Levittown, Nassau County

A hamlet of just under fifty-two thousand souls, Levittown is arguably the most famous place on all of Long Island; indeed, it is Long Island, synonymous with the ingenious postwar real estate developments that put the parts of Long Island which don’t belong to New York City on the proverbial map, as the saying goes.  That’s because of its position in American — and even world — history as the first-ever mass-produced suburb in addition to forming the prototypically bucolic backdrop against which many a Baby Boomer today recalls his or her formative years.  You can almost say that “Levittown” is just shorthand for “The American Dream” — many actually did!  For those lucky first homeowners, who moved in with no money down on a thirty-year mortgage and monthly payments no higher than comparable rent in the stifling city of their childhoods, the chance to raise a proper family in the proper way, with fresh air, open spaces, and a room of one’s own, was something to make a dash for — and indeed, demand was so enormous that a streamlined process was developed whereby one could reserve a particular home for purchase in just three minutes!

As can be imagined, however, the scale of mass production involved means inevitable homogeneity, and “Levittown” has come to pull double duty as a sort of epithet on occasion.  Up to thirty homes were built a day in the developments of Levitt & Sons, Inc. and such speed came at the cost of sameness of design and other perceived faults.  Interestingly, many of these homes have been so custom-renovated by their owners that it takes a bit of a trained eye to spot the tell-tale original cookie-cutter design details!  Indeed, the vast majority of the 17,447 units sold have been expanded, remodeled, or dormered to lend the community a dramatically diverse appearance when compared to its original look.

It’s still suburbia, however, so Levittown does remain homogeneous in other ways, most particularly with respect to its rather well-off demographics.  As solidly middle-class as ever, the hamlet boasts some of the most comfortable living available anywhere in all of Nassau County.  This is actually quite ironic, as surrounding areas had initially feared that the voluminous housing stock produced almost overnight would just as quickly deteriorate into slums!  But, speaking of deterioration, it’s even conceivable that Levittown actually helped save New York City, if not also the United States as well, from the kind of social destabilization that often accompanies suddenly demobilized armies — remember that World War II had just then ended with V-J Day and hundreds of millions of previously armed men were being released back into civilian life; it would take some time for the wartime economy to readjust, turning into a peacetime one and absorb all the newly available manpower (plus accommodate the many millions of women who’d taken over previously “men’s work” in the trades, building all the innumerable machines of battle that made America into “The Arsenal of Democracy,” and were looking for something other than “kitchen, church, and children” to return to).  So thanks to the serendipitous business acumen of the Levitts (particularly that of elder son William), many a returning veteran was able to come home to a literal home, a modern house much better than any dwelling he had grown up in himself.  Polish Ladies Cleaning Service is proud to provide our good old-fashioned professionalism to the historic visionary community of Levittown!