Huntington European Cleaning Woman

Looking for European cleaning women for your Huntington home or place of business?  Then look to Polish Ladies Cleaning Service for the best maids this side of the Atlantic!  We specialize in providing traditional Continental housekeeping services for fine estates and blue-chip workplaces throughout New York City and Long Island, and we’ve been doing it for almost twenty years now.  Our longevity as a business is itself a testament to our expertise and professionalism.

Family-owned and operated means you get the truly personal touch, because only we will take a deeply personal interest in your complete satisfaction.  You live in Huntington so you expect the best, and that means Polish Ladies Cleaning Service for quality housekeeping at home or in the office.  We offer Old Country maid services that are all-inclusive: nothing is too large or small for our capable cleaning women!

You’ll never hear us say that something is not our job.  You’ll never hear us demand separate payment for artificially separated tasks.  Traditional Old World housekeeping means that we do anything and everything, from washing your laundry to running personal errands for you!

Cleaning Huntington for Over a Decade

Most of all, Polish Ladies Cleaning Service maids are absolutely trustworthy.  In fact, that’s the heart of what providing good old-fashioned housekeeping means: keeping things in the home!  In this narcissistic age of Facebook and Twitter over-exposure, you can trust that our traditional East European maids are humble and discrete in addition to being hard-working expert housekeepers.  That’s the PLCS different; that’s the PLCS advantage — and it’s why we are the most sought-after cleaning company in all of Huntington.

We didn’t get to where we are today by simply bidding on price in a race to the bottom.  What we offer all our clients is the kind of faithful service that’s now so unfortunately rare.  If you need someone you can trust with both treasures and confidences, choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and look no further for all the quality and peace of mind that you deserve!


A Little About Huntington, Suffolk County

The first thing to know about the great Town of Huntington is that it comprises several communities, including the unincorporated areas of Huntington Station and Huntington.  Yes, Huntington contains within itself an area called Huntington.  Welcome to “Lawn” Island!

Don’t worry; you’ll get used to this as you travel about like we do.  It’s in the blood — it’s in the history: Huntington was once actually part of Connecticut, see, across the Long Island Sound.  This was because its original (non-Native-American) inhabitants were English settlers, while the nearby New Amsterdam colonies (such as present-day New York City) were Dutch, and thus Huntington was counted among the English territories.  So from the very beginning there this place was a taxonomical curiosity!

Arguably the town’s greatest claim to fame, however, is Oheka Castle, which used to be the second-largest private home in all the United States, what with over a hundred rooms and suites and expansive grounds and gardens.  As might be imagined, it’s now a hotel, and very much pared down (three dozen rooms really), albeit one with official landmark status.  But the estate has not survived entirely intact: different parts today comprise the local country club, a large wholesale florist, and even tracts of family housing.  That’s all quite in keeping with its eclectic history; after the original owner passed away, the property served variously as a retreat for city workers, official military training camp during World War II, and boys’ military prep school until the early Seventies.  Perhaps the strangest development of all, however, is that before the subsequent restoration, for many years such a grand estate was practically abandoned to squatters, vandals, and Mother Nature!