Franklin Square Easter Cleaning

Easter cleaning in Franklin Square for us means taking extra, extra care of Saint Catherine of Sienna, making it especially clean and sanitary for the many worshipers who attend.  As the long-time provider of expert housekeeping to leading city and Long Island addresses, we are especially proud to serve the devout at this highly holy time of the year!

That’s because as a local business, we’re literally neighbors for most of our customers, fellow New Yorkers that understand hard work and the value of money.  We save people time from onerous chores, freeing them up for the more important things in their lives!  And we do it affordably, at highly competitive rates that don’t comprise on quality.

This is possible because we’re also a small business, meaning low overhead and so we can pass on all the savings to you!  And as a family-owned and operated company, we provide the truly personal touch, taking a real interest in everyone’s total satisfaction with our work.  This is a powerful combination of benefits that’s just unbeatable, which is why we are the local value leaders for eighteen years…and counting!

Franklin Square folks trust us for a quality job done right, right away, the first time around because of that extensive proven track record servicing a diverse clientele ranging from fine homes and big businesses to churches, government offices, and other non-profit organizations.  Give us a try and learn why they call us “The Better Maid Service!”℠

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service.  We’re “How Franklin Square Stays Good-Lookin’!”℠


A Little About Franklin Square, Nassau County

Franklin Square is a quiet humble hamlet within the larger Town of Hempstead, but it’s not “little” — with over thirty thousand residents in barely three square miles, it’s nicely compact but still spacious.  Every brick-faced Cape and ranch has a lawn or yard that allows for barbecuing, flower gardens, or just a comfy spot for Spot to run around.  Solidly middle-class.  Family-oriented.  Indeed, lots of mother-daughter houses around.  In fact, the place is really just block-to-block housing.  People tend to get to know their neighbors.

Luckily, a handful of ball fields and the like exist, the most important of which recreational facilities must be Rath Park with its tennis courts, picnic tables, and outdoor pool.  A few strip malls exist for small conveniences, though the overwhelming vast majority of commercial activity occurs along Hempstead Turnpike.  When this is not enough, residents find easy access elsewhere via the Southern State Parkway.

Sounds modest?  Well, Franklin Square has always been unassuming, with few population booms even by Nassau County standards, even in the postwar years; development has practically always been residential, and the potential had been long fulfilled.  This has been a blessing for the locals, many of whom prize stability as a chief benefit of living in Franklin Square.