Unhappy with DiscountMaids.NYC?

Far be it from us to discount the good people at DiscountMaids.NYC, but let’s be honest (as we always are!): how much quality can you really get out of paying just fifteen bucks an hour?  Now be honest!

Chances are, it’s just okay at best.  After all, what kind of quality control processes could possibly be in place when money’s that tight?

Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service if what you need is quality and savings together!  For nearly two decades, we’ve been the industry’s local value leaders, providing the best bang-to-buck ratio year after year — to household after household!

Businesses and non-profit organizations benefit, too, from our good ol’ fashioned honest-to-Goodness quality and value combination that’s truly unique.  We’re able to manage it by staying small, proudly family-owned and operated after all these years…our secret is that we deliberately stay small, quick and nimble enough to customize our offerings to a wide-ranging clientele with diverse demands, making for that truly personal touch that faceless franchises and anonymous mega-corporations just can’t provide — no matter their ad copy!

Of course, DiscountMaids.NYC isn’t a franchise or venture capital-backed conglomerate, and we hold them no grudges even as competitors.  But if you’ve ever been unhappy with your experience with them, then it’s most likely due to your having higher expectations of what housekeeping is supposed to be!

By staying small and family-run, we’re able to treat our workers like real family.  This results in the highest morale anywhere in the industry, making for dedicated maids who serve our customers — you — with true distinction!

You can’t go cheap if you need quality work…and only Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has the proven track record of consistent customer satisfaction second to none.  As the old saying goes, “if you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait ’til you get an amateur!”

Choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service and get real true honest-to-Goodness discounts on quality home and office-cleaning.  Look to us and get all the no-nonsense quality and savings you deserve!


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