The PLCS Difference: Customer Loyalty Rewards

Posted by on February 14, 2015 in Announcements

The PLCS Difference: Customer Loyalty Rewards

Did you know that Polish Ladies Cleaning Service has put many truly generous customer loyalty rewards programs in place over the years?

It’s true!  As our business grows, we are always mindful of the many beloved customers who’ve been with us through thick and thin.  That’s why we’ve practically sewn a veritable quilt of customer loyalty rewards together over time — literally just for them!

On this Valentine’s Day, we’d like to thank all our long-time customers who’ve made us the cleaning powerhouse we are today.  Still small and family-run after all these years, we punch well above our weight in the ever increasingly competitive marketplace of local cleaning service providers because of all the customer love we get!  Staff changes, snow closings, vehicular breakdowns — you name it, and you’ve been there for us…just like we’ve been there for you throughout all your anniversaries, births, baptisms, bar and bat mitzvahs: showing you some customer loyalty love is the least we can do!

Customer Love = Customer Loyalty Rewards = Customer Love

The love is mutual, and we love to be generous.  That’s no idle corporate-speak and sloganeering: at Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, we really put our money where our mouth is!  Customers in select markets can actually see their prices decrease over time!  Others are treated to special discounts and personally customized offers exclusively available only to them!  An even more special select few become Preferred Clients, incredibly privileged accounts with access to some of the same benefits as our large institutional clientele, such as fee-free check payment and even easy Net-30 terms!

We’re serious about rewarding long-time customers for their loyalty.  But we offer incentives for new customers as well, and it’s always easy to become a member of “the club” (of beloved customers!), with many avenues to joining: aside from the length of time with us, regularity, frequency, advance payment, generous tipping, and hospitality to our good people are some other ways to earn yourself our elevated esteem!

Polish Ladies Cleaning Service prides itself on providing a premier experience, and with a proven track record of almost two decades now, we have a great reputation to keep up!  So you can be sure that we will always give you our best, especially when you give us yours!  Still family-owned and operated after all these years, we treat you like family because as a local small business, we’re literally your neighbors, fellow New Yorkers who understand your concerns like no faceless franchise or anonymous mega-corporation could ever hope to care.  When you choose Polish Ladies Cleaning Service, you’re voting for the good old-fashioned mom-n-pop, and we will do everything we can to show you our appreciation for yours with the absolute best customer loyalty love there is.  WE ♡ YOU, NEW YORK!  And we look forward to many more years serving you and yours!

And please don’t forget to share your PLCS story with others so that they know how affordable quality can be in this expensive town!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!  We love you all!!!